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Whose on your rehearsal dinner guest list?

Im thinking wedding party, parents, readers, and priest. and I forgetting anyone? Who do you wish you added, or didn't? Id love to hear your advice!

Re: Whose on your rehearsal dinner guest list?

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    This may not work for you but I am inviting out of town guests so I have the opportunity to see them more, and sometimes any bit helps to defray their cost of travel.

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    We will invite our parents & grandparents, the wedding party, their significant others, the parents of our RB & FG, and one OOT couple that may be staying with my parents for the weekend.
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    Immediate family, anyone in wedding party including readers, pastor, and the OOT guests that are immediate family or from out of the country. We are trying to keep it under 25 people but of course are inviting S/O of bridal party.
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  • LoveMuffinsLoveMuffins member
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    Everyone who will be at our rehearsal...

    I think the only people that includes that no one has already listed is our ushers and the day-of-coordinator (she's a family friend). Oh, and of course, SOs of anyone who's invited.
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    Wedding party & SO
    FG & RB plus their parents and siblings
    Parents of B & G
    and possibly some OOT family that will be staying with FILs.
    Probably 35-40 people.
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    oh my!! some of you have quite a few! We are trying to keep it about 27 ppl... with Parents, siblings, WP, officiant, and ceremony musician. No grandparents, OOT guests... we didn't want a 2nd reception! 
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  • JCM10JCM10 member
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    Parents, siblings, grandparents, and wedding party.
    (dates for all)

    If we did OOT, it would be like a second we're keeping it small.
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    We're only having the bridal party and my fiance's parents.  The place I'm getting married only holds rehearsals on Wednesdays and we're not getting married until the following Sunday, so no OOT people will have arrived yet.  Since the dinner won't start until 8pm, we're going to keep it short and simple since everybody has to work the following day.
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