dress shopping...

So now that the date/venue is set.. i need to start dress shopping asap...

Anyone have recommendations of places to look in southern ME? 

I am going to look at Andrea's Bridal in portland next week, my planner highly recommended it.. but i was wondering if anyone can share their experience with them or maybe somewhere else they loved??

Re: dress shopping...

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    Madeleine's Daughter in Portsmouth New Hampshire

    Spoil Me in Falmouth
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    Formal Image in Lewiston. Franky is the best!
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    I went to Madeline's Daughter this past weekend and had a lot of luck!! Only downfall, there was a guy there selling veils and he was WAY too pushy. I bought one under pressure (mainly because when he put the veil on me my mom started to cry) but decided to cancel the order to take some time to decide. Other than that, it was a great place!!
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    Andrea's bridal is wonderful!  Read through previous posts to find out other reviews about it :) No one can say enough good things about Julia & her team!
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    I surprised myself by finding my dress at David's - didn't think I would like their stuff, but I tried on this dress and didn't want to take it off!!  Since I need a petite, it had to be special ordered so I get a brand new one!  Andrea's was great for bridal gown shopping, but they were a little snooty when we went back for bridesmaids dress shopping - almost couldn't be bothered with us.  Spoil Me in Falmouth was completely disappointing - limited selection, horrible dresses at ridiculous prices and no service or help getting into the dresses at all.
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    I actually bought my dress at Spoil Me and had a wonderful experience. I actually went in thinking the worst--that the women would be snooty and the dresses were out of my price range--but ended up finding exactly what I wanted.  I think its all relative and everyone is different. As pessimistic as it sounds, don't go in thinking this will be like how it is on TV because it won't ever work out that way. Book appointments with different shops and you will find a place that works for YOU.
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    Thanks so much ladies!!!! I feel better already.. i know i should be really excited, but i soooo nervous.  I feel like this is when it will actually feel real to me!  I like the advice someone mentioned... don't expect it to feel like it looks on tv.. a lot of this wedding stuff seems so glamorous, but when you are actually in the middle... much more stress than i thought!

    I am so happy to hear positive feedback about Andrea's!!  I have an appointment this weekend with Julia and she seems really sweet.. so I'm happy that everyone else thought so too! 

    Thanks for the tips on shopping there for bridesmaid dresses though, I had heard that it was good for bridal, not so much bridesmaids, so the girls and i are going to check out the mall to see if we have any luck.  Im going pretty casual with the look of the wedding, so i want my girls to have fun dresses too.. who knows if macy's has something. We'll see!

    I will have to make appointments at Spoil Me and Madeline's Daughter, i like the advice of trying different places to find one that works for me!  The only thing i do know is David's bridal is not for me, found a few i liked online, so i stop in the store quick to pickup catalogs... granted it was a saturday.. but it was so insane and busy in there it made me want to cry!!! 

    Thanks again for all the help!!!!
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    David's isn't bad if you make an appointment and go at an odd time. :)  Ask for Sally.  She is the best one there.
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