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10-12-12 reviews

Sitting at home with finally a minute to myself. We had family come back with us from Vegas to Miami and the last one goes home tomorrow. I feel like my heads in a cloud from all the partying we've been doing. I think I need to sleep for a week now.

Wedding went ulta smoothly. Not a thing went wrong.

Flight and hotel flamingo hotel review here,

I saw the fab rooms also and regular go rooms all were nice and clean. Our room at Caesars was awesome in the Octavious tower. Jacuzzi tub too.

Harmony medina- make sure you get a trial. Woo=nelly. I said 1pm wedding and I dont really wear too much makeup. She said go look and she gave me the biggest smokey eye I have ever seen. I said umm, maybe a little less. Can not stress a trial enough. The day of went great though. Me but nicer. Loved it.

Todd Wilson. Same story as everyone else. Nice and funny. Ate with us and then we offered a hundred dollar tip which he would not accept. He was great.

Caesars Juno gardens. Was perfect. I didnt think i would cry but wow. I didnt get into the ugly vry though, thank god.  The photog there was nice and friendly and the coordinator Rebecca was great. Everything ran nice and smooth.

Trevi. Was awesome. We had the whole upstairs to ourselves. Were there three hours and was perfect. Had about 45 min of passed  hors de hourves then lunch then mingling. Everyone raved about the food and the space looked great. We just did rose petals on the table as table runners with votives. For lunch we had lasagna, chicken parm, or a linguine with lobster, shrimp and some other stuff. With cupcakes for desert and ice cream.

Flowers from pam at the pallette. Just rose petals

Retro for cupcakes were awesome.

Elton John was a huge highlight, so freaking worth the price. 16 of us went, so awesome.

Spago was also awesome, food was amazing. Great prosucitto pizza

Mesa grill(bobby flay) great steaks.

Off to Zion lodge. Zion national park was awesome. We hiked the Narrows, in the river. So awesome. Worth visiting.

Grand Canyon west- Went there cause its only a 2.5 drive from vegas. Last 10 miles are on a really bumply gravel road. Not comfortable at all but saved us 5 hours driving.

Gambling- flamingo vs Caesars. Flamingo has some nasty faced dealers. One started telling someone at our table and the pit boss came over and told her thats enough.
Caesars all around had better service from front desk to dealers.

Bad vegas- someone ran past my dad on the last night and tried to knock his camera out of his hands. He said it was a 20 year old girl so they had alot of words,

I think thats it. We had an amazing trip.

Re: 10-12-12 reviews

  • I am glad u had a great time!!!! Cant wait to see pics
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  • Wonderful!! Can't wait to see pics! I want to see Elton John so badly...
  • woot woot congrats :)
  • Congrats, your reviews made me laugh!
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  • Congrats...thanks for the great reviews. Can't wait for pics
    And they lived happily ever after... February 16, 2013 Chapel of the Flowers Stardust Suite at The Orleans
  • Oh I would have been pissed if someone tried that with my camera. My camera is my 2nd baby lmao. Anyhow congrats! Glad everything went smoothly for you! :)
  • Yes, sounds like a great time! Would you mind if I PM you about some questions? I'm doing the same Juno/trevi combo and have a few..l
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    [QUOTE]Yes, sounds like a great time! Would you mind if I PM you about some questions? I'm doing the same Juno/trevi combo and have a few..l
    Posted by kalexander331[/QUOTE]
    Question away
  • what menu did you use for trevi?
  • Congrats!!!  We got married the day before you but I'm the biggest slacker ever of reviews.  Hoping to get started tonight.  Do you have any pics to share? Wedding Countdown Ticker image119 Dealt!
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  • We did out own menu and she charged us 41 dollars pp. We had a garden salad, choice of lasagna, chicken parm and linguine el fruiit de mare(dont qoute me on that, linguine with withe sauce, chunks of lobster, shrimp and scallops I think)and a scoop of chop and vanilla gelato. Everybody loved the food, also had retro cupcakes for desert which she didnt charge me the 2 dollars pp for.  We had three tables of 8 on each side of a sweetheart table for us,

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