Carvel wedding cake in CT

Does anyone know of a carvel in CT that makes wedding cakes? I'm in Fairfield County. 

I woud be also interested in hearing from anyone who had an ice cream cake a their wedding. I'm a little concerned about it being too hard or melting and would love to hear about your experience.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Carvel wedding cake in CT

  • I don't know about Carvel but Ben & Jerry's in West Hartford makes layered cakes. We did it for our engagement party and had it on display for 15ish minutes cut it and then the servers moved in & it was perfect. They packed it so tight that it didn't melt. You get to obviously pick your flavors &/or mixtures! Good luck!
  • that sounds yummy i would call around to any carvels in your area or even local ice cream shops they might be able to help you. also did you try calling local bakeries some of them might make ice cream cakes. i know you could have a cake made to feed everyone then have a small replica of your cake made out of styraphome fondont or buttercream and designs to dispay to all your guest it will look so authentic that no one will know its a dummy cake 

  • We tried to find a Carvel cake, and didn't have any luck.. sorry!  I hope you have better luck than we did :)   

    I think the biggest concern from places we spoke to was keeping it cold enough until it was time to serve, without being too frozen to cut..   Good luck! 
  • Check out the Ice Cream Shoppe in Shelton, CT!
  • From what I remember Carvel wont do it.  Ben and Jerrys will.  So what they did for me was a small 3 tier with flavors of my choice...and I did chocolate cow spots on the sides.  They brought it out for display about 10 min before cutting.  For guests, I had about 110 people, They made trays of double layered ice cream cake that was specifically for guest serving. It worked out well and was definately different. 
    FYI, I used Ben and Jerrys out of NY..westchester county I believe since they were the only ones who would do it at the time...I was married in Monroe.
    They saved the top layer for me but being ice cream, it isnt like you can save it for your 1 year anniversary..I reccommend eating it within the week.  No, there were NO leftovers, many people had seconds....
  • I would try Dip Top in Orange. My friend used to work there and he made an awesome cake for my brother's graduation. I don't think they're a chain store so they may be more willing to do it. Also, maybe Cold Stone?
  • We didn't have an ice cream cake, we had cupcakes and we had the Mr. Softee truck come to our wedding.  It was so much fun and everyone got to choose their own flavor, etc and it made for great pictures.  It was pretty inexpensive as well.
    We welcomed our girls on 11.7.12 @ 40w0d!
    Emerson Lily 6 lbs 13 oz & Ellis Willow 6 lbs 9 oz
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