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Missouri-St Louis

Tight budget for 2014 Wedding

Anyone know of any affordable venues in st. louis that dont cost as much as a brand new car after everything? I'm so very discouraged after researching some places. It makes me not want to get married. Its ridiculous the prices of weddings have gone so high up. You might as well stay engaged. Someone help bring me back to happy about planning a wedding!!?

Re: Tight budget for 2014 Wedding

  • The Jacoby Art Center in Alton!  I LOVED this venue!  It was $150/hour for rental. And, you could bring your own caterer.  They also let you bring your own alcohol, but you had to hire their bartender for $12/hour.  Includes tables.  They are super cool people, too!


    Another option is St.Louis University.  We toured them yesterday.  Such pretty spaces!  Some of the rooms require you to use their caterer.  Others, you can bring your own.  Includes tables and chairs for around $650/$700 per room.  Discounted for alumni.

  • Thank you for the advice SLU has a beautiful chapel but i will have to do a tour for the rooms. I want to stay in St. Louis area so im going to keep searching for the best deals!
  • Well I know what u mean and just how u feel ughhh...but don't fret so i found that the St. Ann Community Center has rooms starting at 150.00 for the whole day and you can bring ur own cater and liquor plus they have the portable bar included and a ice tub. Ion know about you but it made me change my date and book asap. Now my reception of course is no more than a 100 guest. Also i found a art Gallery in Webster Grove for the ceremony cost 135.00 /4 hours. I think that was great reseaung on my behalf but again this is a small wedding i guess if u call 100 pple small.!!! However its the other vendors who are disappointing with there ever the top prices. But they won't still my joy for my special day..especially if we stay networking together. Let me know if any of this is helpful. Cuz i got my independent cater for affordable too. depending on what u want and trying to spend! WELP CHow for now my Pretty BRIDES!!!
  • We are getting married at SqWires in Lafayette Square. There venue is great with lots of exposed brick and beams, the food is amazing and the price is VERY reasonable.

  • I found on stlwed.com, The Cedars. That looks like a really nice place. Im making an appointment to see them this week. Their prices are not bad. Still out of my price range a little but not too bad. 
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