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Just Engaged-Where do you start?

We just got in engaged on Christmas. Complete surprise but a good one.  Christmas was also our 4 year anniversary. :) Still haven't even told everybody yet.  Not even facebook official (atleast until we can finish telling our families-everybodys all over the place and his family is rather large).  I have most of my ideas as far as dress type, wedding party, color, relative date, and all in mind, but.... Where do you start?  I mean what's the most important thing to think about first.  Budget obviously but we haven't gotten that far yet.  So far all we've accomplished is we have our best man and maid of honor picked out and they are both on board.  All I can think about is dress shopping and picking colors.  But where do you even begin with a budget.  I was thinking that will come later once everyone knows and we'll see who can pitch in what.  I'm hoping my Dad will keep his promise of: "The older you are when you get married the more money I'll give you."  Granted he told me this when I was engaged the first time-at 19.  That time didn't work out and ended 3 months after I said yes.  But I'm 25 know, with my now Fiance who is 31, for 4 years.  I'm a little bit older and wiser than I was then.  We're thinking Autumn 2014. I'll be 27 then. Do you ask your parents and his to help or do you just see what they say? I don't want to them to think I expect oodles and oodles of money. Which I don't. This is going to be a DIY wedding as much as practical. I'm an avid sewinger, crafter, artist, florist, etc. So in that area where I can adjust my budget as neccessary. 

Sorry for the long post.  But mainly my question is...  Once you get engaged and you've told everybody...  where do you go from there?  Any thoughts would be appreciated since I'm a new bride to be. Innocent 

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    Congrats!!!!!! A Christmas engagement is so awesome! My first advice would be to breath! Take it all in...You're engaged!!!! After it has settled in, maybe some engagement photos can take place, then maybe an official announcements sent to distant relatives or friends with the pictures you took and a party. Since you are getting married in 2014, take your time and enjoy every moment.
  • Congrats!!!!!!!!!I am in the same position as you.I got engaged the day before christmas eve.  i fell completely lost and confused. I want to take my time but I dont want to wait to long to start planning. Now i understand why people hire wedding planners. Smile

  • Congratulations!! I agree with PPs. Enjoy your engagement and telling everyone. Do not ask anyone to be in your wedding party yet. Wait until nine months before. Talk about your guest list and budget first. Then discuss dates with your VIPs. Do not look at venues until you have a tentative guest list. Happy planning!!
  • Congratulations!!!

    IMO, the first thing to do is book the ceremony site. Without it, you won't have a wedding :-)

    Enter your info on theknot and it will automatically generate a timeline for all of your To DOs and you can set your budget too.

    Congrats again and happy planning!
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  • Congrats! I just got engaged on 12/22! It's very overwhelming! I don't know what to do first, but my fiance thinks I'm nuts for even doing research already.  I can't help the excitement! All I'm doing right now is researching reception halls since that's what needs to be booked first. 
  • Congratulations! You have so much time before your wedding. One blessing that comes with that, I've learned from my long engagement, is that you have time to daydream before you start to plan. It may be frustrating at first, but spending a few months collecting ideas and brainstorming with your future husband can be very valuable when you do get to the active planning stage. Your instincts are right to start with colors and dresses! Also read up on themes and moods country, erethreal, fairy tale, classic, romantic, etc. You have time to just follow your impulses and research the things that interest you at the moment. The rest will follow naturally. Oh, and don't underestimate the value of a good wedding planner. I highly recommend one someone you trust when you meet them. Congrats and good luck! and remember you have a great support network at the knot!!
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  • Start with searching for a venue.  Once you lock a venue and date, start searching for  a photographer and other vendors.
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