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Ever feel liking saying FORGET IT and eloping?

My FI and I have a very strong relationship. However, this wedding planning has us bickering almost every day- over the smallest things. i am really to the point where I want to say forget it and just go to Vegas or something!! Anyone else have this problem?

Re: Ever feel liking saying FORGET IT and eloping?

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    Yep.  In fact, I wanted to have a very small destination wedding that only a very select few people would know anything about.  But FI wanted all of the bells and whistles.  Well, a week ago, he confessed that he wished we had done things my way.  While we are excited for the day, the planning is causing us a bit of stress.
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    That's normal I think. My friend went through the same feelings.
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    Helllzz yes !! But its not so much fi and I. Its more the demands and interference from our families. Sometimes I just want to put my mom, fi and I on a plan and get married on the beach alone.
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    We are having a small destination wedding in Jamaica and it has been completely stress-free. I was stressed out from being in others weddings, so I knew I would be a bridezilla. My FI wanted a large wedding, but when he found out how much it would cost, he quickly changed his mind!

  • ladylumladylum member
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    yes, I actuslly have been telling my FI that for the last 3 wks, but he's not having it.
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    FI and I have been ok through the planning process but I can tell he's reached his limit. I think I pushed him over the wedding planning edge when I sent him to our reception venue with our DOC to do a final planning session w/out me. But, all the other stuff has gotten me to the point where I'm wishing we had just decided to elope.
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    Thanks guys- I feel much better now
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    Yes, this is a daily struggle. and yes, FI is wishing we had just done this in Jamaica!!
  • resacup78resacup78 member
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    Every hour of the day this thought comes across my mind! LOL. I never wanted a big wedding but FI and his family were totally against anything less. I finally started to get into all the planning but sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and say forget it, let's go to the courthouse/justice of the peace and then head to a secluded island.
  • tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    Girl, yeah!  Especially in the beginning because we bickered all of the time too.  But he's over it now, and everything is almost planned and we've put too much down on deposits, and can't get our money back, so "Aint no stopping us nooooooow!"
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    *Sigh*  It's so funny that women are painted as obsessed with weddings, because I never wanted anything more than to elope with a good photographer present. 

    FI, of course, wants a wedding, like all of the men that I know...  So our compromise is a private, just us wedding (I still call it eloping, even though we have set a date.  No one knows the location, and that's how it stays!), and a reception thrown by my parents in their local city.  I would move heaven and earth to get out of it, but I shouldn't complain, since I have very little to do with it at all... it's moreso happening to me.  Also, my dad plans to crash our elopement... Yell

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    Everyday!! Glad to know..my feelings are normal. We went to Vegas in December and I kept saying let's just get married while we're here...
    He's response...Do you have the rings? Although, he was married before, he still wants a wedding.
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