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I'm at a loss. I'm looking for a nice restaurant, anywhere in Lincoln to have our RD. We're doing BBQ for the reception, so that's out. I've checked into Lazlos and they're booked. I'd prefer not to go downtown (we're 20 miles East of Lincoln), but somewhere near O street or in South Lincoln would be awesome. Any recommendations? Thanks!!

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    How many people are you looking to have?Did you try the Lazlos on 56th & Hwy 2 also?Wilderness RidgeMacaroni GrillWindchimes (Chinese place on 40th and Old Cheney might be able to accommodate)Venue (kind of pricey)Beacon Hills (north side of town, but have private rooms)Old Chicago (depending on number of people)I know you don't want downtown but there is also:VincenzosGreen GateauI hope this gives you a start at least!
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    Thank you, that's a huge help! Both locations of Lazlos are booked. I seriously considered driving to Omaha (if they're available) for dinner, but thought that might be too much of an inconvenience to my guests. :)
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    I would recommend Wilderness as well. The Oven (72nd & Pioneers area): has Indian food and might be able to accommodate.
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    I would recommend Fireworks located on 84th and Old Cheney! It's owned by the same people as Lazlos, and has similar food! They have a really nice room in the back!
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    I second Fireworks - and depending on where you are located, easy access to Hwy 2.   
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    New Place Called Two Twins Cafe at 56th & O - they are not open evening but ask if they would be interested in doing this - THEY ARE AWESOME!

    The Steak House at 35 & Cornhusker.

    When our son got married we did a laid back recpt dinner (smaller town then Linc) so we did a bar with great food and had a GREAT TIME! !  Everyone played pool & darts - just had a wonderful time!   If that soundslike fun try  Brewsky's or Heidelburgs both near 27 & Cornhuskers.

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