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Military Chaplain for ceremony outside a military venue?

I am marrying a Marine Corps officer next year in a private (non-military, non-religious) venue. We are currently living in Texas but getting married in DC. Does anyone know if Military Chaplains will marry a couple in a private venue? If so do you know how to seek out chaplains outside of the region where you are stationed? Thank you for your help!

Re: Military Chaplain for ceremony outside a military venue?

  • They do! My friend just got married by one, just contact the nearest base, sometimes they will ask for a donation to cover there travel costs if you're getting married at from base. A military chaplain is there for spiritual guidance and does not have to do a very religious ceremony, however some will feel more comfortable only doing their faith's services so you may have to talk to more than one chaplain to find the right one!
  • We got married at a resort and H's Chaplain performed the wedding.  We paid for his & family's stay at the resort.  H's base was only 2 1/2 hours away from where we got married so I am not sure about asking for people outside the unit.  Good luck and happy planning!

  • It can certainly be done but could take a bit of leg work to find the right chaplain.  I require premarital counseling and many other chaplains do as well.  However, this could be done in TX by another chaplain.

    Since you have a Marine it would be nice to use a Navy chaplain.  Try calling the Reserve center in Washington, (240) 857-4880.  If that doesn't work try the DC National Guard, 202-685-8856. 

    If you use a Reservist or National Guard remember that they only get paid on drill weekends so your wedding would be on his/her own time.  Offer an honorarium.  They might turn you down but it is always nice to offer especially if there are travel costs. 

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