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Does anyone have any referrals for a florist in Santa Barbara? I just spoke with one and she sent me a proposal for centerpieces at $150 each! Is that outrageous?! I was thinking $2,500 budget for everything.

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  • That seems really high.  What types of flowers?  Usually you can take the quote to another florist and they will lower it.  That's what I did.
  • I don't  know of any florist in Santa Barbara, but there is now a unique gift registry that allows family, friends and guest to gift towards your flowers and decorations as a gift.  Latest trend, especially in California.  Many of your guest who can not attend the ceremony or reception find it as a way to feel like there are there through the flowers and decorations.  Have the wedding you dreamed of and allow those who can not be a part of it also help you celebrate your day your way!

    Take a look at it
  • Hi - We're using GrassRoots florist in Santa Barbara, and have really enjoyed working with them thus far. Eileen was great during the initial consultation - taking the time to get to know what I was really picturing and working with our budget. She'll give some great recommendations to keep costs down.
  • Hello.. I know a florist in Camarillo but she services Santa Barbara. Her name is Amy Jordan from Stella Blooms. She's pretty amazing. I'm sure you'll love her and her style. 

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