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I am trying to figure out if I want to to have a flower girl or not. I have always imagined that I would have a flower girl but my family is lacking little girls lol. I have two possibly canidiates one is 5 and her birthday is actually on my wedding day and I thought it would be really cute if I did something small for her that day so she would feel special and she would also be in a pretty dress....but the problem with her is that she does not listen and runs around like an animal and I really do not know if I want her at the reception (kids will be kids) my other option is my neice and at that age she will be 2 years old and 4 months and I would much rather have her if I did a flower girl but is that to young?

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  • I'm using my nephew who will be 2 years old at the time of my wedding for my ring bearer. The plus side to this is my flower girl will be 10 so I plan  on having them walk down the isle together holding hands. This way the flower girl can help guide him. 
  • We are having two flower girls and two ring bearers. One flower girl will be 2 years and 1 month and the other will be around 5. They will hold hands while walking down the aisle. The ring bearers will be around the same age. 
  • Hmmm...the 2 yr old would probably more than likely run around like a wild child imo. If you offer the role to the 5 yr old, she would be so excited that I guarentee she would be on her best behavior.
  • My daughter was a flower girl at just under 2 yrs old. It went horribly, I had to walk her down the aisle. It could go really well, or really bad.
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  • My flower girl is my daughter who will be 8. I have seen flower girls at the age of 2 just running wild or just not moving. :(

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  • My niece is going. To be my flower girl and she will be 2.
  • I think 2's too young for a flower girl, IMO. The 5 year old might be too focused on the fact that it's her birthday that day too and may not cooperate, or complain that it's not her party. Or like PP said, she'll be so excited for it and maybe her parents could offer a few incentives for her to be on good behavior :-)
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  • We're not having any children in the wedding only because we don't have any small children in our family either. 

    I will add that any children that you have in your wedding should be allowed to come to the reception.  My friend didn't invite her flower girl to the reception and it caused a huge rift in the family.  My cousin didn't invite the ring bearer to his reception and the family felt it was really uncomfortable, especially because the child had health problems and couldn't be left with a babysitter, so the parents couldn't come to the reception either.  I think children in weddings are great, but you should also invite them to the whole wedding.

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