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need help finding readings

Hi ya'll,

We're having a pagan handfasting ceremony and wanted to include a rose ceremony.  Basically we'd have single flowers on the altar and give them to my mom, all three of my grandmas, my FI's grandma, and lay one in an empty chair for his mom (she passed in 2005 because of cancer).  We're looking for a reading to use during it for my lil sis to read.  But all I can find are ones pertaining to the bride and groom.  Any ideas?  Also we're doing a different version of the unity candle.  In memory of my paternal grandfather (who passed in 08 and was daddy to me) and Fi's mom my paternal grandmother will light one candle and his maternal grandma (also the only grandparent he has left) will light the other.  Then we'll use them to light the center candle...kinda a way of symbolizing that they're with us in spirit and they bless our union.  Any ideas for a reading for it?  Any help would be great!



PS: I also posted this on the Ceremony Ideas board...didn't get a lot of response...figured I'd get a better one on here cause my weddings not so traditional.

Re: need help finding readings

  • I used song lyrics for a reading, I don't know how well that would work for you, but it might be something to look into.
  • i'm using loves philosophy by percy shelly, which discusses pairings in nature and relates them to couples, my fiance and I love shelly and byron, but byron was a bit too jaded for a wedding reading,
    my advice think about a writer, or poet that you like and start perusing their work the right peice will jump out at you
  • Woot thanks ya'll I didn't even think to try  I kept googling wedding readings or non christian wedding readings...still kept getting a lot of bible hits though.
  • thx Willow not quite what I'm looking for but close...I have the ceremony written all but the readings....I'll try the non-denominational search next...I also got a friend (who's also our DJ) looking too....we'll see what I find...I may end up rewriting the ceremony to leave the readings out or to put a song in instead...that is if I can get my sis to jk she sounds like nails on a chalk board!

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