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The Bridal Show saved me $$$!!

I was afraid that going to the Dallas Bridal Show was going to be a waste of $24 (I paid for my cousin to go with me) since I have almost everything booked already, but it ended up saving me about $450!!

My venue, the Trinity River Audubon Center, is starting to cater to brides more since I booked them last year. Well this was their first bridal show and they we're offering a 10% discount for brides that were at the show that they are going to give to me too! That's $250 saved there!

Then TLC rentals is also offering a 10% bridal show discount, and Men's Wearhouse was offering a $40 discount off of their tux rentals which is $10 more than my previous discount, so they're going to apply that to my current reservation!

Sorry, I was just really excited to share my stories! Also to let you girls know that even if you've booked all of your vendors it might still be a good idea to go to one & see if they are offering any discounts! And Candy Haven was there so I got to have some more of my yummy cake. I probably ended up taking about 5 samples. Laughing
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Re: The Bridal Show saved me $$$!!

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    That's awesome!  Congrats!
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    That's great about all your discounts!!! :)
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    Wow you got super lucky! I've never heard anyone having that much success at a bridal show! Awesome! :)
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    Great savings!!
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    Wow, awesome!

    ...and now I want some Candy Haven cake.  Mmm.
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    Nice! Even more of a bonus with the T.R.A.! That was nice of them to grant you an extra discount! Was Men's warehouse really pushy?

    I've had pretty good luck at bridal shows too. I didn't go this weekend though. I won a half off dj package with a dj I was already interested in and an engagement photo shoot (not my wedding photographer). I hadn't planned on using the engagement shoot but our originally e-pics with Colton had to be rescheduled and I needed something for the STD cards. It all worked out:)
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    Great job! I was there too... We saved a ton on our limos. I forgot the name of the company but he had a great review (checked on my phone). I'm glad it was worth it for you too!
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    I love a good deal.  Awesome.
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    WOO HOO you can't beat that!
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    No, Men's Wearhouse wasn't pushy to me. 
    Glad you got a deal too Deepthi!
    Thanks everyone!
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    I went to a Bridal show here in Dallas about a year ago when I first got enaged, and it too saved me money and gave me lots of cheaper options... my only regret is giving them my phone number, I still have people calling me from unknow numbers. I've has to block direct buy from callling, they use to call about 5 times a day! Men's wear house and Tuxedo junction also kept blowing up my phone. Has anyone else been having this problem?
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