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Take jewelry to hair trial??

Would it be wierd if I took my earrings and necklace to my hair and makeup trial today?  My earrings are diamond heart studs and I want to make sure my hair style shows them off nicely?  I don't want the stylist to think I'm being bridezillaish or super weird if I bring my jewelry, veil and all that.  Did you bring yours?? 

I'm so excited for my trial.....but nervous - did you try out multiple styles or just pick one and went with it??  I'm really torn about how I want my hair.. hopefully the stylist can offer some guidance on what will look best with my veil and feather flower. 

Re: Take jewelry to hair trial??

  • Definitly bring everything. Especially anything that actually goes in your hair. I'm bringing everything so I can make sure it all looks good together. I'm also doing my hair trial the day of my last fitting just to make sure I like it with my dress.

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  • Sure, bring them.
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  • I brought my veil and head band for my trial, I didn't have jewelry yet but I probably would've worn it had I bought it before.  Your stylist really needs to see how your veil goes in and tp make sure she plans around that.

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    Yeah why not! I plan on taking my jewelry! My stylist even said to wear a top with a neckline similar to that of my dress! Had never thought of doing that before but it doesn't seem like a bad idea. So I'll be wearing a strapless tube top I have
  • Thanks everyone!!!  I thought about wearing something strapless - but I don't really own anything other than a sundress that there is no way I could wear to work.  I'm leaving straight from work to get to the trial.. 
  • Taking jewelry is probably not necessary, but if you know what you are wearing and what to get a true picture of what the final "look" will be like, then sure, go ahead! I just took my veil and my fascinator for the reception but it would have been fun to see the look with my earrings.
  • If I had my jewelry when I did my trial I probably would have brought it, too... cause why not.

    I gave my stylist a few inspiration pictures and she did her magic... I loved how it came out the first time, but had I not been happy with it, she would have kept changing it until I loved it.  Don't be afraid to have her change it if you don't love it!
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  • Take what you want! I would :) Well, for me personally I probably wouldn't have bothered with my necklace because I don't think it would make a difference with my hairstyle (I'm taking it to my dress fiting though!) But I do wish I had brought earrings to my hair trial...

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