November 2012 Weddings

Ready for the weekend weddings?

FI and I almost as much ready as we can possibly be at this point. The day has kind of sneaked up on me.

The last week and a half has been so stressful and has flown by so fast. Our cat has been sick since the 10th which has resulted in 2 vet appointments & 2 emergency vet visits within the week and a half. So needless to say, our cat took priority & now we're just kind of scrambling around.

We had to finish up the day-of timely this evening. Tomorrow we just have to get everything together that needs to go for the ceremony & take it in on Friday.

All week our weather has shown Saturday to be about 50 degress with a 20% chance of rain, slightly cloudy.

Now it's the coldest day this year & probably snow! We ended up getting a new location for pictures were we can do outdoor and indoor with nice scenery. Unfortuanately it has complicated our schedule some, but I think at this point we just have to hope that it flows well enough.

Everyone else ready? How many of us are left?
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