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Weekend fun...

What is everyone up to? We are just hanging out here this weekend. I'm so glad we don't have plans. I'm also going to get dairy queen tonight. Yummmmmmm. Let's play as a knottie anything. I have a question for you all: what were you like in high school? How have you changed?
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Re: Weekend fun...

  • I'm here, I'm writing a speech for my Mom to give at her Church Ladies Group for their Woman of the Year award. I did it last year, it's fun. 

    I was such a sarcastic playing at jaded liittle b!tch in high school. A few friends of mine and I were the debate team/drama club clique, We were also the AP class kids. So we were all smart and dramatic. I actually wasn't bad in terms of drinking or drugs, but we could all just be evil to each other. Fortunately that ironed itself out be graduation, so I'm really looking forward to me 10 year (eep!) reunion this fall.
  • I was big into drama and speech. Not as athletic as my siblings. I didn't drink of party and worked a lot. I don't really talk to many people I went to school with
  • I'm hanging out at the hospital, it's another 24-hour trauma call. But it's not too bad, somebody brought cake to the lounge and surgeons I'm working with are pretty cool.

    As for me in high school... I was a band geek, captain of the color guard, and pretty much a complete nerd, but in a cool way? Haha, I think everybody liked me. I didn't do sports or student government, but I was involved in just about every school club we had.  Sometimes I wish I was more involved in extracurriculars in med school now, but honestly... when I'm not required to be at school or studying, I want to have a LIFE, not do more med school stuff.
  • We met with the florist this morning and picked out what we wanted our centerpieces to look like exactly. Then we dashed to our favorite Sushi restaurant nearby (I had vegetable tempura) and then FI dropped me off and went to work. We might be taking my dad to dinner tonight since it was his birthday on Monday but my sister is kinda sick right now so I'm not sure anymore.

    I'm hoping tomorrow we can finally pick out the tuxes. And Monday I have off. Yay!! I'm going to go get my diet pills and start looking skinny for my dress fitting in a month.
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  • kyrgyzstankyrgyzstan
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    I am exactly the same. People thought I was a sanctimonious prig, lol. Most people still think that. 

    Honey badger didn't care then, and honey badger don't care now. 

    I have no plans this weekend. Just relishing being on the second half of the deployment (not exactly for anyone who's worried about my PERSECness).

    ETA: I meant OPSEC obviously. Whoopsie daisies. 
    I hate Dave Ramsey
  • In Response to Re: Weekend fun...:
    [QUOTE]I am exactly the same. People thought I was a sanctimonious prig, lol. Most people still think that.  Honey badger didn't care then, and honey badger don't care now.  I have no plans this weekend. Just relishing being on the second half of the deployment (not exactly for anyone who's worried about my PERSECness).
    Posted by WishIcouldbeinthe'stan[/QUOTE]
    I'M WORRIED! Ok. No I'm not.
  • No plans for the weekend.  I just met my (only) friend at a Walmart in the middle of our houses and we walked around there for like 2 hours . Now I'm back home and being lazy.  I've been very good about my Lenten promises though so far and worked out earlier today.  Tomorrow I'll go to church and then maybe do some stuff around the house.

    My personality now is very similar to what it was in high school; a sarcastic bitch.  My group of friends were kind of odd, because we were all jocks and partied all the time, yet we all still did really good in school and took AP classes and stuff.  I'm still a jock now, but definitely don't party like I used to (as in not at all anymore).  
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  • I'm working tonight at 7:00. And last-minute, we had a puppy brought over to watch for the weekend....Kara's puppy!! It was halarious watching him and Binx do their little meet and greet, since Riley is half as small as Binx! And in exchange, Kara gave us more of her homemade lumpia. YUMMMMMM!!! I feel I'm pretty much the same, yet so different. I don't know! Like I had crushes on boys, but I was never caught up in the whole "omg I need a boyfriend" thing. And I still feel that way I guess. Like I don't NEED a guy to feel whole. But I do think I'm a more confident person. I was on dance team, had my close group of girls, was well-liked but not "popular." I took a lot of IB classes (like AP, but more intense. Used around the world, based out of Geneva, Switzerland). Also, I think I'm different because college made me grow up a lot, living on my own and paying all my bills and tuition.
  • H and I just got back from going to Target, World Market, and mattress shopping for spare bedroom.

    I am very simliar to what I was like in high school, except less partying now. I went to an all girls catholic school. I was sarcastic, funny, made jokes about everything, maintained honor roll, and partied on the weekends. I was the same way in college too. I was a bit different about relationships though. I knew high school wasn't for serious relationships (at least for me), so I had fun, never got too attached, and stayed friends with a lot of guys. I also had a lot of guy friends (still do). 

    But, overall, most of my friends would probably tell you that I'm pretty much the same. 
  • Hey everyone. We went to breakfast this morning with MIL, then went grocery shopping. I just finished deep cleaning out bedroom, and de cluttering H's damn boy toys. OMG I can't wait to move so that I can change our damn bedroom.

    Anyway, I am now resting, and will be hitting up JoAnn's soon. There is a top on Pinterest (the lace skull one) that I cannot find online anywhere, so I am going to make it.

    As for me in H.S., I was pretty pathetic. I hung out with a popular party group, but I was the ass in the group, who would get made fun of and be the butt of everyones jokes at all times. I had low self esteem, and everyone would step all over me. I was also 90 lbs, sickly looking, and hunch-backed.  I have since gained a back bone, became pretty self confident, and, you know, don't put up with shiit. I've also gain like 40 lbs lol. I still struggle with my posture due to so many years of hunching over, but I try to remember to stand tall ;) 

    I don't have many H.S. friends, the group I hung with are all still FB friends, and they once in a while try to get me to come out (they still party hard, even though they have kids/H's), but when I deny them they all think I do so because "I pick my man over having fun with the girls". Yeahhh.... THAT'S it.  

    H.S. was not a good experience for me, clearly. I am much happier as an adult.
  • High school sucked for me too Cab. The principal at my private school hated me and I was so happy to transfer. My sisters have always been my best friends and when we all transferred we stuck together
  • kellieinkckellieinkc
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    It's been a rough week.  I got kicked out of my department but thankfully they're moving me to another position on another team because they like me as an employee, just not as an admin for my boss.  He needs/wants a babysitter, and I think that's just ridiculous.  If I wanted to babysit someone I'd work in a daycare.  So it's a good thing all around, but insanely stressful.  Then another paralegal quit out of the blue yesterday.  So this weekend I'm just trying to relax.  But I'm also babysitting FI's niece and nephew so he and his little brother (also a former Marine) can go out and have a few beers/go see a movie.  We're going to do a craft and make cookies and have a pajama party.  :)

    I was the only one impressed by me in high school, lol.  I went to a Catholic school so we wore plaid pleated skirts, and I wore mine with doc martens and thigh highs, lots of chains, lots of angst.  It was the 90s, so I was very alternative in a very 90s sort of way.  Band geek, swim team, cross country, and spent all 4 years refusing to date anyone from my high school because I was soooooo much cooler than that.  And now I'm marrying one of them.  :)
  • Sammy0709Sammy0709
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    I'm chilling with my BFF from high school ironically. I was a nerd in high school and I had a very small group of friends, mostly the emo kids and other nerdy kids. I was also an artsy kid who spent most of my time in the art room. Oh and I was a band geek too. Yep I was pretty much the opposite of a cool kid. My staple wardrobe items were band shirts jeans and skate shoes or chuck taylors (converses). It's weird because somehow I ended up with DH who was a complete jock/popular kid. It's like a bad teen movie. ETA: I have changed A LOT since high school.
  • In Response to Re: Weekend fun...:
    [QUOTE]I am exactly the same. People thought I was a sanctimonious prig, lol. Most people still think that.  Honey badger didn't care then, and honey badger don't care now.  I have no plans this weekend. Just relishing being on the second half of the deployment (not exactly for anyone who's worried about my PERSECness). ETA: I meant OPSEC obviously. Whoopsie daisies. 
    Posted by WishIcouldbeinthe'stan[/QUOTE]

    I love you even more for the HB reference. <3 If you need cookies or baked goods to help you know who to text. :D

    HB = Honeybadger.
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    H and I just got back from a double date. (although they brought their 4 yr old little girl so idk if that is the right term haha).

    H is heading on another mission so we're getting ready for that. I'll be cleaning for the majority of tomorrow.

    I think I'm the same as I was in Highschool. I was loud (Cheerleader), outgoing, average student, didn't party. I was also mature, couldn't wait to get out of HS and away from the stupid drama. Ppl use to say I was fun because I wasn't drinking underage but my group of friends had a blast with random pranks and PG13 stuff. lol I've always been 'too nice' and in school people would use me and take advantage of my 'niceness' ... I've changed in the sense that I don't let ppl use me. (ie. Friend: That's a kick ass new gel pen. Me: I know right!? Friend: Can I have it? Me: Sure, why not ... ya know STUPID Nice).

    ETA: FTR Cheeleader at my school did not make you popular. We were the most hated 'sports' team. Didn't help that during the 4 yrs I was there 3 of the 12 girls got pregnant before graduation... that made us all sluts. :(
  • Shan being a cheerleader at my school didn't make you ppopular either. I joined for something active and to cheer on my 3 sisters playing. But they took anyone who signed up and it was obvious lol
  • I am up bright eyed (sort of) at 2:10 am to turn myself into Snow White for the Princess 1/2 marathon. So far it has been magical just like last year.
  • In Response to Re: Weekend fun...:
    [QUOTE]I am up bright eyed (sort of) at 2:10 am to turn myself into Snow White for the Princess 1/2 marathon. So far it has been magical just like last year.
    Posted by crownsuperstar[/QUOTE]

    That's awesome crown! Let us know how it goes!!
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  • Crown, good luck and have fun!!!
  • Omg it was so magical I can't even stand it! I think I cried about 8ish times during the race because of all of the inspiration. Can't wait for next year. I will post pictures later. Some are on facebook.
  • In Response to Re: Weekend fun...:
    [QUOTE]Omg it was so magical I can't even stand it! I think I cried about 8ish times during the race because of all of the inspiration. Can't wait for next year. I will post pictures later. Some are on facebook.
    Posted by crownsuperstar[/QUOTE]
    Congratulations!!  What a fun race that is!  I'd love to do that race again some time.

    I just got back from my brother and sister-in-law's house celebrating my nephew's first birthday!  I cannot believe it has been a year already.  Now I'm just kind of relaxing and may possibly make some personalized hangers and bracelets this afternoon.

    As for high school, I wouldn't say I was popular but I wouldn't say I was a nerd.  I had a large amount of friends in high school from all different "groups".  I had my athletic friends, my band friends (I was not a band geek, most of my friend's didn't even know I was in band until I walked out on the field for Senior Night), and every day friends that were in classes with me.

    I will say that I was a lot more outgoing in high school than I am now.  At the time, being somewhat obnoxious was acceptable because we all were.  Then I grew up and realized I was being a little too outgoing and calmed it down a bit.  I'm sure my high school friends that I am still friends with would say that they agree with that.
  • CozyHeart13CozyHeart13
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    I was painting my fun colorful walls to a blah color yesterday so I can hopefully get it on the market soon. Boo :o( But I hate painting and I hate blah colors, so to make myself feel better, I'm baking a cake for work tomorrow. The guys love it when I get in blah moods cause I love to bake and it all goes in to work with me. I'm making a chocolate layer cake with chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate ganache and caramel between the layers, all covered in the buttercream - yeah, I'm bad news for anyone with a PT test coming up!

    So, in HS I was colorguard, orchestra, yearbook, Spanish club (I think I can say four phrases/questions, but don't expect me to understand your response), National Honor Society and extremely active at my church (I was there 6 days  a week, minimum). Yeah, kind of a dork here. And I graduated a semester early because I had all my credits and didn't see the need to waste time in high school when I could be working to save money for college. (Didn't really save much, but that was my excuse.)

    As for how I've changed or stayed the same - I got a degree in Journalism because of yearbook, but only spent three years doing that before joining the AF. I still can't speak Spanish, but will ocassionally throw out a word cause it pops in my head. (A pretty common one - that's no bueno... I say that a lot.) I haven't been in a church in over 4 years except for funerals and memorial services, I'm not really proud of this, but it's the truth - and it isn't because I've turned my back on my religion or anything, just haven't gone to church. And I'm still a dork and I still suck at saving money.

  • Late to the game but hiiiii everyone!

    This weekend.. ugh. A little busy, my mom came into town Saturday. FI flew to KY on Friday. I had some big church things to participate in today, so I've been non stop from cleaning, to driving round town, to whatever else.

    Lets see - The first two years in High School I was the normal student, I had a ton of friends. I was super active and in sports - I was on track, competing in horseback riding (not with my school obvsiouly), played volleyball. I was really motivated. Jr and Senior year - not so much. I feel into the wrong crowd. I began partying all the time, drinking, I'll admit I did some drugs (nothing major), I was all wrapped up in my first love. Just lots of drama, partying and such. End of senior year I got into a horrible abusive relationship with someone 3 years older. I was suffering with an eating disorder until Jr year. I was just bad, and lost, very lost.

    I've become a different person. I started focusing on myself after I got out of that relationship. I went into college (I took time off obvs since i was too busy partying/drinking). I cared about others - family esp. I took care of myself. I stopped partying, I stopped being involed with drama. I ended all "friendships" from that stage of my life. Then I meet FI and got involved in church, found a better job and grew from there. I've become so much more responsible and mature. I wouldn't even consider myself anywhere near the same person. I also have more respect for myself now - which I never had before.
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  • calindicalindi
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    I'm a day late, but I'm STILL PLAYING DAMNIT!

    Crown, I'm so jealous!  I had such fun at that race last year, you look in your FB pictures that you had a blast.  It's such a cool race!

    In high school, I was well liked but not popular.  I was the goody-goody - I didn't drink, I didn't hang out with anyone who did.  We didn't party - we'd go out for tea and sushi instead - and we didn't break curfew (I did one night, just hanging out with friends after a fight with my parents and I didn't come home on time just to thumb my nose at them, and my Mom still refers to it as "that night". That's the kind of 'rebellion' those wimps had to deal with, haha!).

    I was captain of the tennis team, the fencing team, and the sailing team.  I was President of the Model United Nations team and the Mock Trial team.  I was the star in most of the school plays.  I was the manager and videographer for the football team.  I was the student council class respresentative.  I didn't really date anyone in school since it was so small (my graduating class was 36 kids) but I dated two different guys during the summers - one was going into his senior year while I was going into my sophomore year, and the other was going into my junior year and he had graduated two years before.  I liked 'em older, but I dumped both of those guys because I thought they were too immature. 

    Apparently the school 'dreamboat' had a crush on me all 4 years, but I never knew it (and would never have believed it) until he came to our 5 year reunion to confess it!  His sister told me after that's what he had planned to do (and his behavior that day backs this up) only to find that I had brought a date - FI (who was then BF of 1 year).  Poor guy, if he had asked me out in high school I would have jumped at the chance.  But he and I never would have made a great couple because we would have competed at everything, just as we did in school, and he is one of those guys who likes being the 'big strong man, protect little woman' in relationships.  That wouldn't fly with me.  But it was flattering!



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