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  • Oh no...I am freaked out because we booked them!
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  • I am so sorry you had a bad experience. I choose not to book with them because they are always calling me and I really dislike pushy companies
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  • I am so sorry you had a bad experience. I choose not to book with them because they are always calling me and I really dislike pushy companies
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  • We did Book them, but then backed out and went with someone else...so glad we did after reading this! Sorry this happened to you... : /
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  • eeek, i booked them... I will at least make sure i dont have matt!
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    OMG!  I booked them too, my wedding is in 5 weeks.  I had my doubts initially, got reassurance and after reading this I am sooooooo worried again.  All that I can do i pray on it AND not accept Mark.  We did request a particular DJ, that was months ago, I will have to see if someone actually documented who we want.
  • eeek we booked them too! but they have like 20-30 DJs and I know you can meet with the one assigned to your wedding prior to the day of, so we'll def be doing that especially after reading this.

    nmarie78 i'm so sorry that your DJ performance was like this and thank you for posting such a well thought out review, not just a "they sucked" review. hopefully this will help lots of other local brides make their decisions as well!
  • nmarie78 - I'm sorry you had a lousy experience with their DJ.  They are one of the DJ's we are looking at.  I've found from looking at reviews of vendors, you have to take them all with a grain of salt.  So many factors play into how an event goes.  A new DJ (which it sounds like happened to you) may have been nervous.  Or guests that just don't dance.  I totally understand your frustration though, because when you pay that kind of money, you want quality performers to entertain your guests!

    We are still going to keep Midwest in mind, as I know every vendor is going to have a bad day, or a bad review.  I've found bad reviews on some of the BEST cake makers, florists, etc...It happens.

    I certainly hope you find some resolution with Midwest though.  Thank you for writing the review :)
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  • This makes me a tad nervous since we just booked them a few weeks ago for our wedding. They did come down to our price range, which is ultimately why we booked them over Music in Motion, which is an even bigger company.

    I agree with crazykatiemae- I plan to make the trip to Waukesha to meet our DJ in person so I can decide whether or not this person would be a good fit for our wedding.

    Thank you for your vendor review nmarie78!!
  • So, did they give you any reimbursement?

    Sorry you had this experience!
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  • Nmarie- I am so very sorry to hear about your experience. I truely hope you get what you are asking for. 

    TO ALL the other brides who have booked midwest sound or are thinking about it, I had them and couldn't be happier. Yes, for most of the night the dance floor was not how I pictured it would be,  but I also didn't expect an 80 degree day in March in Wisconsin. 
    If I had been at someone else's wedding and not my own, I most likely would have been outside most of the time also instead of faking my dance skills. I highly recommend letting them know you would like to meet with your DJ prior to your wedding day.

    Our DJ played everything off our list, took requests and did pretty well keeping the dance floor going until 10 pm (after that ... not so much) We also asked for a very specific CD to be played during dinner and he followed through.

    - Very Happy Mr. & Mrs. with our DJ

    (His name is Allen for those who would like to know)

    Good luck to all of you and finding the right DJ!!
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