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Bridesmaid dresses?

We have started looking for bridesmaid dresses. Where did you find yours? I tried looking at the vendor list but looks like it was cleared.

Thank you!

Re: Bridesmaid dresses?

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    My girls ordered theirs from Terry Costa where I purchased my dress.  For the 2 weddings I have ordered BM dresses from, they have both been from David's bridal.
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    Mine are from David's Bridal (where I got my dress from - which means I got $20 off each BM dress).
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    Mine got theirs from the Bridal Company in Denton.  They have a lot of great options that aren't super expensive.
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    Mine got theirs at David's Bridal but when I was a BM I got my dress at Bridal Co. in Denton.
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    My BMs live all across the country, so I told them a general style (around knee length, chiffon material, and a light/pastel color) and showed them examples online at DB of what I liked. (I wanted to give them a concrete example because I knew some of them don't love shopping and didn't want to spend a ton of time looking for a dress). Then I let them go.

    Since all of them lived close to a DB store, 3 of the 4 ended up going there for their dress. The bridesmaid who actually loves to shop found a great dress within that 'style' at Nordstrom's.

    I think Alfred Angelo also has cute dresses and many locations, though, so that was my alternate choice for a chain to recommend.
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    I just ordered one for a wedding that I will be in in September from Lewisville Bridal Boutique.   It was super easy and I could measure and send in my order via fax.
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    My girls picked theirs from DB. They were even on sale, which made them super happy! :)
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    I got my bridesmaids dresses at Stardust Celebrations. Was VERY pleased with the service and selection!
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    Mine are from stardust, I got my dress at Lulu's so they get a discount from there, and I like the designers the best.

    I've gotten BM dresses from David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo. I had a bad experience with David's Bridal. I was an out of town BM and they wouldn't let me come in and steam my dress ( just the bottom) for her wedding. So her pictures has a wrinkled dress because I had to travel. It quite honestly could have just been the DB I was at... that town is known to be snotty.
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    The ones we love are from David's because the color coordinate with my dress/shoes
  • carmen9311carmen9311 member
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    terry costa is where i first found the BM dresses. it's a bill levkoff dress. i ended up ordering all of them from pearls place (in louisiana) because it was cheaper. 
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    I started looking a David's Bridal, but the styles I liked were only online styles, and on sale which meant all sales would be final. I didn't want to risk everyone getting it and it not looking good and being stuck, so I went on a search elsewhere. I ended up finding them at Nordstrom. They will be great wear-again dresses, so they were a bit more expensive than I initially would have had them spend, but I covered the difference for them which only cost me about $100.

    LINK (hope it works!)
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    Look at aria dresses, ariadress.com they all sorts you can pick the fabric and styles, cuts and lengths. I picked the skirt length and pleat type, material and color and let my girls pick the top they felt comfortable in. They will send you color swatches and also sample dresses to try on. I looked all over Dallas and ordered them not to long ago and I am so pleased with them. They also give you a discount if you order 5 or more dresses. Good Luck!!
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