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my fiance and have decided that at the moment we do not have the money for a wedding, but our hearts are set on getting marrie and later on down the line haveing an appropriate wedding in a church surrounded by family and all that good stuff. For right now we want to go to the hall of justice with just a few family members and then a small dinner afterwards with just a few close friends as well as the few family members that attended. My question is, since its not an actually weding yet it is us celebrateing our love, i feel its a little over the top to do the whole beautiful poofy dress and tuxedo thing. he is going to wear a suit, but what is something that i can wear??

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    Are you asking what you should wear to your wedding (the day you actually get married), or for the party you plan to throw later on (which will not be a wedding, but a reception or vow renewal)?  I would say, even at the hall of justice, a simple wedding gown is appropriate, or depending on the time of year, a pretty sundress is nice too.  Its still going to be your wedding day no matter how you slice it, so make it what you want. 

    p.s. You don't get a do over, so if you want a wedding outside of a JOP service, I would look into having something small at a church or park, with a simple dinner like you are talking about afterwards.  I know you think you have to have some huge event to celebrate your wedding, but I promise you don't. It will mean just at much to you and FI no matter who is there to see it.
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    You can have a nice wedding for very little money if you plan carefully.  Rather than JOP now and then have a vow renewal later, I would really encourage you to plan something that makes you happy within your budget for the first time around.  A friend of mine did the JOP and planned to have a big party for their 5 year reunion, which has come and gone, with no party.  They just never got around to it. 

    If you'd like to consider a budget wedding, let us know where in Kentucky, and maybe we can help with ideas.  There are plenty of parks and community centers here that are really nice, and if you're in Louisville, there are tons of restaurants that can cater for very little money.  It wouldn't be fancy steak and shrimp, but you can have a really nice wedding with a bbq/picnic reception on a small budget, especially if you can keep your guest list under 75 people.

    And - the JOP service IS a wedding.  You might not be having a reception afterwards, but you would be having a wedding.  You can be as over the top or not with your clothing - whatever suits you.  There are plenty of simple white dresses, though - you might even look at bridesmaids dresses in white.
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    thanks alot, i know that the JOP is a weeding, the wedding i had mentioned later would be our vowel renewal with the family members and friends and reception. thanks for the advice though and squirrly ill deff be giving you a call <3
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    You can get some pretty wedding dresses very inexpensively.  A friend of mine is getting married in Hawii in a couple months, just her and her FI.  She found a wedding dress on clearance at JCPenny for $50!  She tried it on for me and it's defintely a wedding dress and wouldn't be considered too informal.

    I agree with Squirrly.... where what you feel happy in!  I would have wanted a big poofy dress either way ;)
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