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suggestions for readings?

I don' t usually post on the GR board because my wedding is in Lansing but since the Lansing board is usually so slow I am repeating this post here.

I am looking for some readings for our ceremony. Since we have a little bit of a Michigan/Detroit theme to our wedding, I thought it might be nice to have readings from Michigan authors. Any suggestions?

Re: suggestions for readings?

  • I write a lot of wedding ceremonies and you may find, it will be difficult to find readings to fit ...that are Michigan based authors, ..that will work well in a ceremony for a good flow, or to provide meaning for your special day. My suggestion: Pick the readings that you like..and fit the love, relationship, marriage, commitment, etc..go from there. Look up Pinterest search Officiants..they have some great readings listed there. You might want to search best love letters to get ideas for readings..Just some ideas that other couples have used. (outside of the norm of looking up readings on Google, or in books)
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