Publix Cakes vs. Traditonal Cake

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Have any of you looked into having cup cakes intead of a cake?  Publix does them and I have some preliminary contact info, but it looks like a cup cake stand is needed and delivery might have to happen from Alpharetta (for a Decatur wedding). 

I like the idea of cupcakes, but then I wonder if we're getting into other details (stand, boxes, etc.)


Re: Publix Cakes vs. Traditonal Cake

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    I'll be getting my cupcakes from them Publix nearest one to my venue which is only about 1/2 mile. I also plan on having them picked up. (I don't know if you told them if it's for a wedding or not, but I don't intend to.)

    I'm actually building my cupcake stand but you can purchase cupcake stands for relatively cheap or build your own. My DOC will arrange them when they arrive the day of.
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    I saw a bunch of cupcake stands at HomeGoods the other day. They were cute and I bet you could sell them on theknot or craigslist later.
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    If you have a caterer, you may be able to rent a cupcake stand from them.
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    They sell cupcake stands at the William-Sonoma Outlet for $12.99. They're really nice and have sort of a vintage look to them :) Best of luck to you!

    ~Rebecca Bunch
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    FWIW: my brother and SIL got their actual wedding cake from Publix.  The Publix not only delivered it and set it up, but it was wonderful (taste, etc.) They got one of the designs you can choose (the "beach" themed one.) 
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    Publix did my wedding cake at a 4 star hotel in Naples, Fla.  It was amazing ... I got the raspberry filling ... everyone commented on who "good" the cake was :) !!
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