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Input please

When my fiance first ever asked me out it was at a concert during a specific song and of course it became "our song". My older sister got married 2 years ago and used the song for her first dance. We want to use it as ours. There's a back up song but i just want some others opinions on this situation. Would it be bad if we used it or not? What do you think?

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    I would do it. It has special meaning for the two of you, and even though I get why you're even concerned (your sister just having used it recently), most songs have been done and done again so many times, that nobody will even think twice about it. 
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  • do it-- I highly doubt people will remember what your sisters song was (except her and her hubby of course).  But as Addie said, many people use the same songs every day so if its important to you and FI, I wouldn't think twice.  Have you talked to your sister about it?  Is she the dramatic type?

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