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Anyone been to the "Big House" (U of M stadium?)

DH B-day is coming up and I thought I would get him tickets..I have a chance to get him inzone tickets.  Just wondering if they are decent seats.And I also heard that they aren't really seats...more like benches...Is this true??

Re: Anyone been to the "Big House" (U of M stadium?)

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    The "seats" are more like bleachers that you would see at a high school game. It's crowded, but still a blast. I've never sat in the endzone but the design of the stadium makes pretty easy to see no matter where you sit. But I can't say that 100 percent.

    Lucky him! Hope he has a blast!
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    Yeah endzone tickets are always good and bad.  When they're near your endzone, they're awesome seats.  If they're on the other side, harder to see.  There's not really  a bad seat at the Big House.  We went for the outdoor hockey game there this winter.  Seats are bleachers and it's crowded, but if he's a big U of M fan, he won't care.
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    I have gone to a football game and hockey game there. For the football game I actually sat in the endzone.  I thought the seats were pretty decent, especially when they are on your end as a PP mentioned.  I am definitely not a U of M fan, so I really didn't like being packed in like sardines, but the atmosphere would be awesome if you are a big fan!
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