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So our wedding party are putting together a girls weekend getaway and a guys weekend getaway. They will be about 2 hours from where we live and they will both be on different weekends. So everyone thinks it's so weird that were doing them on separate weekends. I got into it with his brothers girlfriend of 13 years. She kept saying it's stupid that we can't meet up with the guys and and I told her why it defeats the purpose of a girls weekend. Then she told me that we are practically married anyways! We live together is why she said that. Then I told her it's not like were trying to get laid! We are just having a fun weekend with friends. Then she said maybe someone will get laid!!! I was livid. Sorry it's so long but I don't know what to do. We are content with what were doing and fully trust each other. Do I have to invite her or any of his sister in laws? I don't want my weekend ruined with Debbie downers or anyone who makes comments like that.

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  • Lol it sounds more like she doesn't want to be separated from her fella. Maybe that's the real issue here? If she wants to meet up with the guys and thinks that someone is going to get laid then maybe it's more about her trust issues. Either way, it's up to you and FH, not her or anyone else.
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  • Sounds like she's insecure.  Ignore her, she can stay home and pout.
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  • its about you not her and she needs to get that
  • I would not invite her.  A weekend get away should def be with your girls only.  If you did it together it would seem like you didnt trust eachother, or you were one of those pathetic couples who couldnt stand a few days away from eachother.  Stand your ground and if you think she will ruin your time dont invite her.. you should be inviting the people closest to you only!
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