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Back again...lol I need to stop running off...

Hey Everyone!

I've been away again, but to handle important things. i.e. look for a job in FI's city. I had 2 interviews this past week. I accepted one. Originally I was very excited about it and put in my 2 wks notice the day they offered it to me. Then I changed my mind and decided I would continue to look because the hours would only allow me to see my FI only 2 days a week because our schedules are so different. I wanted to continue to look for a day shift position but my FI suggested I go ahead and accept and we would work it out because now I have no job if I declined it because I put in my 2 weeks notice and we need to go ahead and sign a lease because I will start on the 2nd and will be moving next Friday.. So I'm trying to get excited about the job again and this job is a for at least a one yr contract. So yay for a job! Now that it's 21 days to the wedding I have a ton of stuff to do. Our DJ's wife accidentally deleted all of his music and subsequently downloaded a virus to his computer trying to recover it. However, he recommended another dj for us. :) So now we have to get our ceremony outlined and programs done as well choose music. I still need to purchase my BM's earrings and work on their bouquets and more boutinierres for the ushers.  (purchased the supplies today) I can't believe it's almost Christmas and the wedding is so close. I have done absolutely no shopping for Christmas and I don't plan to at this point. I guess we'll get marriage licenses after I move up there. I need to call back and check with my mgr about my time off for the wedding. We have pretty much decided that we'll be going to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge for our honeymoon and taking a trip out of the country at a later date. Our 500+ guest list is starting to look more like 220 now! :) Yay!! :) I started my last week at my job tonight and will work through next Friday morning. Things are happening so fast I just feel like I need time to take it all in and catch up. Perhaps that's what the honeymoon is for. I just feel like I hit the ground running today and won't ever stop.

Re: Back again...lol I need to stop running off...

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    Well first let me say congrats on your new job. Even though you are second guessing it it's a job and that's important now-a-days. I don't know about your part of the country but the unemployment rate  is VERY high around here.

    Oh and I'm very sorry to hear about your DJ. He must be so mad at his wife. Good thing he has a back up DJ for you!
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  • That is a crazy long list of things in your life. Congrats on the job, and like Tara said, it is a job, where you will be near him. That really is important. And it is a good thing that the Dj offered you a backup, I could imagine that some would.
  • Thanks! :) I'm just taking it one thing at a time because I'd probably be bald by now. lol My fiance' is out of school on break so he's really stepped in and taken on a lot of things now that classes are finals are over.
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