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  • I would like to ditto everything LC has mentioned, and I am now craving crawfish, but one other one I think is fun is the Second-line dance. I have seen it done at more than 2/3 of all the weddings I have been at, and I think its a great tradition.

    I also think buffets are more the norm in LA than plated dinners, and they are usually chocked full of seafood dishes. Most weddings I have been to have offered daquiris, and I have never been to a Catholic New Orleans wedding that wasn't full open bar.

    Oh, and you have to love a place that has drive through Daquiri shops.
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    [QUOTE]I've heard that this is a regional thing but I could be wrong... clam pizza? i'm all about it but my friends from the south think its the weirdest thing in the world.
    Posted by tannymcgee[/QUOTE]

    I love clam pizza!
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  • Meaghan, I think Riverdance was big when I was in high school, but most of the girls had been taking Irish dancing since they were really little! They were always really excited to perform for us.
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    Oh if we are talking food, Mufalettas are amazingly delicious, and I don't think many people outside of the Louisiana really eat them. They are on a huge toasted sesame seed bun that really feeds more than one person, then they have ham, salami, provolone  and mozzarella cheese, and olive salad on them, and they are one of the best things in the world.
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    [QUOTE]Meaghan, I think Riverdance was big when I was in high school, but most of the girls had been taking Irish dancing since they were really little! They were always really excited to perform for us.
    Posted by msmerymac[/QUOTE]

    hahha yeah, I have been known to whip it out pretty much every time we are drinking and some one asks me ;)
  • Aw Mags, I forgot about Muffalettas. Love them. And yeah, I've never been to a wedding with plated dinner.
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    [QUOTE]Aw Mags, I forgot about Muffalettas. Love them. And yeah, I've never been to a wedding with plated dinner.
    Posted by laurenclaire1386[/QUOTE]

    When I lived in BR, there was this one restauraunt that had amazing ones, and I would always take them home with me to snack on. I can't remember the name of it for the life of me. I don't think it was Sammy's. but it could have been.

    Also, i think the fact that in Louisiana you eat a Po' Boy and not a regular sub/sandwich is fun too. Man, I think I could go on and on about all the stuff LA, or New Orleans, does or says differnt from the rest of the country.
  • I'd sell 1/4 of my soul to Satan to be sitting at Mother's in NOLA right now. You people are killing me!
  • I'm snotty about Muffalettas. I won't eat one except the original from Central Grocery on Decatur. But there's a great little Italian place in the industrial part of north BR that my brother goes to all the time and gets muffalettas. He says the Italian family that owns it yells at eachother in Italian all day, so it's pretty darn authentic. I like Sammy's for boiled crawfish, or Brightside, cause you can get all you can eat for like $20.
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  • I vote for a national G2G in NOLA. Just sayin'
  • M&M, I second your vote. There's not a way to have a bad time. Plus, I'm a big ole AW about Louisiana culture. I'm ridiculously proud to be from Louisiana, even though we are fat, stupid, and have arguably the most corrupt politicians in the country. I would love to show all my Knotties how to party NOLA style.
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  • I would totally be there.
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  • Any time, ladies. I'm an hour away. It's a much bigger deal for y'all to get to NO than it is for me. But if any of you are ever there, I'm always looking for an excuse to head East.
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  • Jasmine, love your MT posts!  My family is from there.  I have lived in OR my whole life, but moved to MT for a few months last year for fun =).  And do you live in a "city"?  Because where we're from we still act like there is no speed limit lol. 

    I can't really think of any OR regional norms...probably because they are normal to me ;).
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  • My family is from rural areas of northern Louisiana and east Texas. Where I come from, weddings are a LOT less formal that what many folks on these boards seem to expect.

    Typical wedding refreshments are cake, punch, whatever the ladies from your church put into crock pots or make into finger sandwiches, and those little pastel mints. I was probably in my early 20s before I realized some people use caterers for the event and have full dinners at their weddings.

    Other common things: a receiving line and a groom's cake

    Things I never saw at a wedding growing up: alcohol and dancing

    An interesting tradition that seems to be disappeering around here is the practice of collecting cash gifts for the bride and groom during the reception. My mom tells me that when she was younger it was common for wedding guests to pass around the groom's shoe, and everyone would drop cash into it.

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    [QUOTE]Crawfish. If you're from the east coast, you're probably not as grossed out by peeling and eating boiled crustaceans, but a lot of people find it weird that we eat the little critters. I guess they're kind of like tiny little lobsters.
    Posted by laurenclaire1386[/QUOTE]
    My favorite food in the world!
  • More local than "regional". The South is as diverse as anywhere:

    WR: Church wedding, followed by cake and punch in the church's fellowship hall. No dancing; no alcohol.

     When our high school teacher was getting married, we asked her what she was going to use for her first dance song. She was appalled. You might as well have asked if she was having a stripper at the ceremony. Tongue out

    NWR: The entire school got out for the day to attend the AgExpo.  A lot of Polos (as in the Ralph Lauren designer kind) worn with Georgia boots.
  • Mmm now I really want a muffaletta.

    WR:  I'll second what Missy said about men asking the parents permission before proposing.  I think it's a nice tradition.

    NWR:  widespread use of Confederate flags, as well as pride in Confederate history and lineage.  Of course there are some dumb rednecks who are racist and suck at life, but 90% of it is just legitimate pride in their ancestors who volunteered to go to war for the cause and  fight for state rights, fair taxation, and equitable infrastructure.  Confederate soldiers made their own uniforms and brought their own guns from home into battle.  But dumb rednecks ruined the "stars and bars" flag for the rest of us.

    My high school made national news a few years ago over a student getting sent home for wearing a confederate flag t-shirt.  My accounting professor asked me about it in class, and I was mortified. 
  • Where I'm from (Idaho), registry information is always included in the invite.  I refused to do it and people found that odd.  I've also never been to a reception that served a full meal.  Cake, punch, and mints are the norm-- and this is during dinner time.  Receptions also tend to be a window of time where you can drop in and say hi to the bride and groom, grab a slice of cake, and go.  This is probably due to the fact that a) full meals are not served and b) most people don't attend the actual ceremony because it occurs privately in a Mormon temple.

    Rach, we also had a day where students drove their tractors to school.
  • Here in Brooklyn, Ny and rest of the the City ( queens, LI, Manhatten, Bronx, staten island) you have to have a full open bar, coctail hour, full dinner (usually sit down) and a lot of time u have a dessert hour. You are expected to have a bridal shower where guests buy u a gift and then at the wedding guests are expected to at least cover their plate if not give more as a cash gift. i dont think i have ever been to a cash bar or buffet dinner. People usually dont bring money for a cash bar and are annoyed when it is a cash bar.  All of the complaints i have ever heard was that the coctail hour was crappy (not enough food, not enough selections, cheese and crackers wont cut it) and that the bar didnt have enough of a selection.  We tend to go all out at weddings its just expected. Its kind of crazy but thats the norm here.
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  • Out here in California one thing I have noticed is that asking for vegan, gluten free, or diabetic menu options is totally in the norm, and most venues offer them. 
  • I caught a LOT of crap for NOT including the registry information in the invitation. Also, my mom hosted my Bridal Shower and it seems pretty normal. It was 95% family anyways so it wasnt a big deal.
  • I was raised in southwestern Wisconsin and now live in Green Bay. I have never, ever been to a wedding where The Chicken Dance and Roll Out The Barrel were not played.
  • I didn't realize it was region specific, but apparently it is. In the south we have groom's cakes in addition to the wedding cake. They are usually chocolate and reflect something about the groom. Our grooom's cake will be chocolate with raspberry filling and will have his family crest on top.

    The Fiance's family (from California) was confused by the fact that we are having two cakes.
  • it is not considered rude to have a note on the invitation stating that the couple would like to get their gifts as cash. 
    no save the dates, ever, I think if someone did them people might get them confused for an invitation.
  • WR: never been to an open bar for the entire reception.  It is 100% normal and expected to have a cash bar for alcohol, but pop and water are free.

    NWR: Winter Carnival and Hollidazzle.
    And no matter what the weather is, someone will complain, and someone else will tell them to stop complaining because at least it's not like the weather last year or in the extreme of the opposite season.
  • In my area cash bars, dollar dances, the chicken dance and the hokey pokey are expected at a wedding! 
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    [QUOTE]ooh, you went to finihing school!? That is kinda bad-ass! WR: in Chicago proper, cash bars are pretty much a must. In the burbs and rest of the state/region, cash bars are pretty typical. NWR: It may *actually* be illegal, but it's an understood 'rule' that if you shovel out a parking spot in the snow, it's yours forever so long as you mark it with a piece of lawn furniture.
    Posted by rhodesign[/QUOTE]

    What?????? I could have gotten out of the open bar.  Grrr!  Where were you 6 months ago.  Ah well, maybe with intoxication comes generosity. :)
  • Shasha- Where in CO do you live?  I'm on western slope. 

    NWR:  if you don't ski, or snowboard, people look at you funny... (I don't do either.. and get it all the time..)  Having a extra "set" of tires for just winter is normal (not everyone does it, but it is normal.) Driving an hour to the nearest Super walmart, or even one way to work is also not unheard of (at least in my neck of the woods - can be different for the eastern side!)

    Wedding related: winter weddings are done (mom and dad did theirs in Jan! long time ago) although not a must, Having a wedding on top of a mountain is not unheard of - as well as having them on ranches and hotels where your reception is at the same place of the ceremony.  Although sometimes I've seen it where they're at two different locations.

    Shasha's right about the "transplants" - they do bring in a variety of traditions and customs to the weddings.Cool
  • I live in Upstate New York!

    The dollar dance just seems to have recently been done away with and cash bars are really typical.

    People where I live still seem to be giving presents at the showers as well as bringing them to the wedding.
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