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wedding day makeup

I'm looking for a good brand of makeup that offers good coverage for my face on the wedding day... I heard bare minerals but I went to the store and purchased some powder foundation that I don't think offers the best coverage. Any other suggestions of makeup brands or products from bare minerals or other companies that work well?
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Re: wedding day makeup

  • Yes I do have a Sephora! I think I'm going to go there to look... I havent been in there recently but they have a bunch of really good makeup brands correct?? Are their associates pretty helpful/ knowledgable about the makeup products?... I have heard good things about that smashbox brand as well so I'll have to give that a dry for sure.

    Thank you :)
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  • i use a drug store brand that is a 3 in one liquid. i cant remember the name of it though, maybe covergirl

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  • I agree with mrs k. about the smash box primer. I also use mine on my eyes. I am not a fan of the bare minerals but sephora has a lot of great products, I am hooked on tarte right now. Definitely let someone at sephora color match your foundation. If you match yourself, use the inside of your wrist. If you plan on getting any color go back closer to your wedding and get the right shade but use the product for at least a week to be sure you don't have a reaction. A reaction doesn't always happen right away. I also use a sponge to apply.
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  • I use a tinted moisturizer from Sephora then bare minerals foundation in Matte and then Mineral Veil over the top to set everything.  I even jog in the evenings after work and still have on makeup after.  I know it seems like a lot of layering, but I have always had issues with makeup coming off or looking cakey... I feel this combo does a great job.
    Good Luck!
    Lisa and Tim - June 22, 2013
  • I second the Make Up Forever foundation...it sticks like you wouldn't believe. Plus, Sephora allows you to return products even if you've used them, so if you go home and try it out and hate it, you can still take it back. If you go with the Make Up Forever foundation, ask them to show you how to put it on. There's a little bit of a trick with it so that it doesn't end up all cakey looking.
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    [QUOTE]I heard great things about Make Up Forever HD foundation.  I also find that a great way to keep the coverage you start out with is a good primer, and for that I really like my Smashbox Photo Finish primer and then Urban Decay's setting spray. Do you have a Sephora near by that you can ask someone there?
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    I was just makeup shopping this weekend at Sephora, a sales person recomended this specifically for events and being photographed. They'll match you if you ask too, which was really helpful since I NEVER wear makeup! I got this plus Makeup Forever HD primer, and a couple other things.
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    Look into Mary Kay!!
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  • I recently came across Urband Decay primers. They are amazing! I've never tried the face primer, but I just got the eyeshadow primer, and it stays in place all day! It holds everything in place and helps prevent smearing. Friends of mine have tried the facial one and say it works just as well. Sephora sells both the facial and eye primer. I don't have a Sephora around me but I've heard if you ask for a sample they will give you a small one. Worth it to try some different things in preperation.
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  • I work at Macy's in the cosmetics department and we have Bare Minerals, I definetly wouldnt suggest it for weddings escpecially if you want coverage.  If you do want to stick with them though get the Ready foundation (pressed powder) instead of the loose it has better coverage.  Cargo is a really good brand as well, it is actually made for filming an taking picturs.  You can also try MAC, they even do wedding makeovers in store or you may be able to have them come to you on your wedding day.     
  • Also the Urban Decay primer and setting spray is a must.  Your makeup will stay on all day I do mine at 8 am and it's the same till 1 am.  The setting spray even helps with humidity, sweating, and they have 3 different ones.  All Nighter(original-combo skin), De Slick( oily skin), and another one can't think of the name but it is definetly something to keep in your makeup case
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