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Student Teachers?

I just got placed for student teaching in the Fall! 12th grade US Government classroom!

Anyone else student teaching in the Fall?

Any Student Teacher veterans have tips/advice for us?

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Re: Student Teachers?

  • I am student teaching in the fall, and graduating in December (finally) I haven't receveid my placement yet, but I think it's beause my major is Deaf ed and placements are hard to come by. I am patiently waiting and checking the mail everyday for my placement! Good luck with you student teaching.
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  • I am not student teaching in the fall but in the spring so you guys will have to give me all the advice you can after the fall semester.  Good luck to you guys! 
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  • I did dance student teaching, so I know it's different, but dealing with students is the same. The best advice another teacher gave me on the first day was "nerves are good, it means you care." Teaching was the easy part for me. Keeping the kids engaged and behaved was harder. 

  • I student taught a million years ago (ok, 8) but if you have any questions I'd be happy to try to answer them!
  • I'm also student teaching in the fall. I'm going to be in a mostly esl fourth grade classroom.  I'm a little nervous because I lack a strong handle of the Spanish langauge
  • Get to know student's names! I did my student teaching last fall and knowing student names made discipline and calling on students much easier than "you in the red shirt"!
  • I student taught in Spring 2011 (agriculture.. so a lot different) But it was a blast! My advice is have fun with your students. Make sure they know who is in charge, but still be a little laid back. Especially with high school! They get bored so easily, so switch things up a lot. Humor is your best friend :)
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  • Congrats! I just finished student teaching in music ed, which is way less structured than Government, but my advice would be to jump in! Get to know everything your mentor teacher does, help with the stuff that isn't the teaching aspect. There's so much more than just the planning and execution of a lesson. If they need to contact a parent, volunteer. It's scary (I HATED the first time) but it's worth doing with the training wheels on then learning on your first job.

    And I totally agree with PP, knowing their name gives you more control then pointing at them all the time!

    Also, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Half the time, they don't know and you can recover, and if they do notice, it just makes you human and the students can relate.

    Good luck =)

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  • I'm student teaching in the spring, but with little ones.  I'm in a 0-8 program, so half the semester will be pre-k and the other half will be k-2nd.  I'm in a totally different universe than secondary education.   
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  • I'm student teaching in the fall! I'm a elementary and special Ed major... I have know idea where I'll be placed yet but I'm excited to find out :)
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    I just graduated in May. My Senior placement during the Spring was in Kindergarten. My Junior placements last fall were Fourth and Fifth grade. If I were to give advice it would be to take time to observe in the beginning, ask your mentor teacher to think aloud this will help you understand the thought process behind their decisions and actions, and most importantly, try and make your own decisions. If there is a better way your mentor teacher will let you know but if you're constantly asking how how how you won't be demonstrating what you are capable of doing on your own : which is a lot if you've made it to student teaching. Oh and smile! Other teachers and coaches and administrators remember if you look happy or stressed and it can make or break their impression of you. Any questions I might be able to help with please feel free to shoot me a PM. I'm not on this board often but I thought I'd chime in anyway :P
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    I did Student Teaching in Spring 2012 but in a 1st grade classroom. My advice is to get to know the students in the classroom. Find out their interests and try to add it into your lessons. Learning seems to be easier when the students can relate to the problem at hand. You could do a fun get to know you questionnaire type activity (at the 12th grade level of course). Introduce yourself. Tell them about your interests and let them know your expectations.

    I will be student teaching again in the Fall. I will either be in a Pre-K Disability classroom or Kindergarten.
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  • I'll be student teaching in the fall AND spring! My program (special education) requires two field placements so I have a 5th grade resource room first and a general ed room after that!
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