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Getting in Shape

Sunday Accountability

Didn't see this thread started yet, so I figured I would... hope that's not too forward of me?! (apologies if it is).

I did well yesterday, got through an hour long Bob Harper  high intensity training video, which was killer! Worse than Jillian by far.  I am so sore today, but I had to do something, since the weather is finally nice enough (dry enough, though not yet warm enough unfortunately) for us to have to play a softball game later today- and I had to loosen up with cardio so I don't fall on my face with sore muscles trying to run the base path later.   Got through  cardio and my legs are finally feeling like they are moving smoothly again.  Now I just need to keep that until game time.  Food should be good today as well, I can't eat too much or too poorly before a game, it makes me feel like crap if I do.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
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Re: Sunday Accountability

  • edited March 2013
    haha yeah.. we're kinda slackers and just chatting in the Sunday chat thread instead :o

    I'm trying to make today my rest day since I haven't taken one this week yet and I'm still sick.. buuut I may sneak out to go run. It's amazing out today that I feel I have to take advantage of it! 
    Food yesterday suuuucked. I totally was a bad girl at the movie, but whatever. Today I'm back to my normal awesomeness ;) bahahah
  • Yesterday, I did my full trainer program and ran intervals for 20 minutes. Today I went with my fiance and did 20 minute incline intervals and got through one round of my trainer program. FI doesn't like to stay at the gym as long as I do. 
  • well even though I'm not feeling 100% I got my l-o-n-g run in - 20 miles. It's the longest one before the marathon so mentally I had to get it done today. I ran 10 then looped back around home to pick up the dog to do the other 10. Now it's all downhill until the big race!
    I have to keep food in check because I always feel like I can eat whatever after a run like that.
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  • Did 9.15 miles this morning. My longest run ever! And burned 1398 calories.
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  • Hey everyone!  Food was terrible, as expected, and my body cannot wait to get back to healthy food.  It's going to have to wait until H and I split my favorite cupcake that we brought home, though :)  So pleased that I got up and got to the gym at the hotel this morning, wohoo!  Nevertheless, I will be avoiding the scale for a few days.

    I'm updating the bracket now.  I have workouts completed for the following people: xcaly, mrsrutkowski, choagie, heather.  If anyone else in the bracketology completed some of the exercises, please let me know!  So far choagie is kicking some serious butt!  Way to go girl!
  • added them, xcaly! way to go!
  • I have to say, I am jealous of all of you who run.  I am not a runner, never have been, and never have been able to get myself to love it. I think the longest I've ever been able to get myself to run is 3-4 miles. I've always been convinced my body is built for sprints, I'm so much better at them.
    Unfortunately my team lost this evening :(  I manage the Sunday team that I play with so it stinks a little more when we lose.  Luckily, I had a great game playing second base though! :)  Now for some relaxation for the rest of the night.
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