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Seating at Outdoor wedding

We are having our ceremony and reception both in my fiances backyard.  We are planning on having both at seperate areas in the yard.  We were wondering if we should rent double the chairs (this does not fit into our budget) or is it tackey to have a few people move chairs while we are doing pictures and whatnot.  Has anybody seen anywhere that you can rent benches?

Re: Seating at Outdoor wedding

  • I don't think it's tacky at all. Just an extra expense that can be used elsewhere to WOW your guests.
    Do you think you can picture any of your guest saying "I can't believe I have to sit in that same chair for dinner" If you do get double the chairs are you just going to leave the chairs set up after the ceremony or will they get cleared away? If you are just going to clear them after the ceremony you might as well use them.

    We are having an outdoor ceremony and then moving the chairs into the barn for the reception. Mind you I will be occupying my guests with drinks and apps while the chairs get moved and we take pictures.

    The important thing is to ask your fiance and yourself "do we want to move the chairs or order double"
  • Sorry, I think it's tacky if guests have to carry the chairs themselves. Just don't like it. I'm okay with it if a few people move them during the cocktail hour.
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  • I think it would just be easier on everyone to just order double.
  • I would just have a few people designated ahead of time to move chairs, NOT the guests, but maybe the groomsmen or Ushers.
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  • We had only one set of chairs, and I have no idea who moved them, but they got moved really fast right after the ceremony.  We had asked the groomsmen to do it but I think when they started a whole bunch of people just followed suit and it was done in literally 5 minutes. 

    I was really worried about these kinds of things pre-wedding, and honestly, there was no reason to be.
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  • My FI and I will also be having the wedding at his home. We are having the ceremony in the front near an oak tree and then for the reception tables will be set up and the chairs will be used again. I didn't decide yet how they were getting moved, but I'm pretty sure I'll get the groomsmen to do it. And I know (subdola) my guests will probably move them also.
  • We ended up moving chairs right after the ceremony. I had a few male family members who were not in the WP that offered to help, and they were moved crazy fast.

    Just do not do what my moron venue owner suggested, and have your officiant announce after the ceremony that everyone should grab their chair and take it with them to the reception.
  • Like subdola said, if you ask the groomsmen/ushers to do it, most likely other guests will pitch in.  Don't ask them all, so they won't feel obligated, but I'm sure some of your family and friends will be more than happy to help when they see what's being done.

    I'm having an outdoor ceremony, then a reception in the barn.  I'm only renting one set of chairs.  We're students and not getting much help $$, so every dollar counts.  I was thinking about only setting up a few (2 dozen?) chairs at the ceremony site, for the parents, grandparents, and anyone who can't stand for a period of time.  We plan on having a short-ish ceremony (since we don't want to stand up there forever).  We went to a wedding this summer where most of the guests stood (in a garden-esque area), and I don't think anyone minded.


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  • I would use the one set of chairs for both ceremony and reception, renting 2 sets of chairs would look a little silly to me. Maybe not so silly looking to guests, but silly to my purse. I plan to do the same thing. My groomsmen and a couple of guys I have designated are going to move the chairs to the tables while guests enjoy hor douvres and lemonade. People won't think it's tacky, if they do think it's tacky hopefully they get gone and go home cause they are being silly. I would NOT however, as has already been suggested, encourage guests in any way to move their own chairs, you will probably find that a couple of dudes or your uncles or someone will volunteer and help move along with the guys you designate to do it. I don't think it's tacky, people don't need a brand new chair to sit the same butt in.

  • I vote for ordering enough chair for both locations so you don't have to move em. You want people's attention to be on you, not moving furniture!
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