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I am needing some help, in creating my invites.  I love the quote at top and want it someway to tie into the body of the invite.  I also feel like the wording right now is kinda blah, so i'm wanting to make it better.  Any suggestions would be wonderful.  Here is how the invite reads right now...

"Once in a while
Right In the Middle of an ordinary life
Love gives us a fairytale"

Mr. and Mrs Bride
Mr. and Mrs Groom
invite you to share in the joy
of the uniting in marrieage of their children


on Saturday, the twenty fourth day of July
two thousand and ten
at two o'clock in the afternoon

Re: Invitation Wording advice>>

  • I would just put the quote at the top and not try to then tie it in to the actual invite wording.  I don't really see how you could.

    I would also use the more traditional wording of

    Mr. and Mrs Bride
    Mr. and Mrs Groom
    request the pleasure of your company
    at the marriage of their children


    request the pleasure of your company
    as their children unite in marriage

    Don't put "on" before the date, just put the date

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  • Ditto danieliza. I like the quote but am not sure how to tie it in to the rest of the invite. Also, why is Middle capitalized? I'm not sure if that's just a typo or if I missed something.
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  • I don't know that you actually have to capitalize "right" or "love" eiher.

    Once in a while,
    right in the middle of an ordinary life,
    love gives us a fairy tale.

    Oh, and "fairy tale" is two words.

    Dani's wording suggestions are good BTW.

  • And there is no E in the middle of marriage
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