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As Babygirl mentioned in another post, yesterday was the 6 year anniverasy of Katrina. The family and I talked about it briefly yesterday, but that was about it. I noticed there was very little coverage of it in the news yesterday.

I wrote a little bit about it on my website yesterday, thinking that maybe this was our call to move on, move past. I write about Katrina every year, and I think this was the first year that I thought aobut the ways that Katrina blessed me. Like a lot of people who experienced the Hurricane, I now mark my life in terms of pre-Katrina and post. It is a demarcation point in my life. Katrina really set my life on the path that it is now.

I met FI through his mother...I was interning in a summer program she was a part of, and she told me I needed to come meet her sons, one of them, she didn't care which one. I'd been out to the house a few times before the storm hit. At that point, I was really all alone in Mississippi. I'd been coming to USM through their Summer Program in Grauate Education since 2001, and I moved here full-time in 2004 to work on my doctorate. I had some friends in my program, but no one that I would call close friends.

The Saturday before Katrina hit, FI's mom called and asked me what I was doing for the Hurricane. I told her that I just planned to stay at my house. No one thought it was going to be that bad in Hattiesburg. She said that I couldn't do that, I needed to come spend the night with them. She told me to pack a bag, bring some butter (so we could make some cookies), and head her way Sunday afternoon. By the time I was ready to leave, contraflow was in effect on Highway 49, and I had to call Beth to ask her how to get to her house when I couldn't use 49. She very patiently told me how to get there via the backroads, which was a bit of a trial because even though I'd lived in Hattiesburg for a year at that point, I wasn't really familiar with other parts of the town.

Those two weeks without power or running water (minus the one terrifying night I spent at my house alone because I didn't want to impose on their hospitality and didn't know that I wasn't an imposition) forged  bonds that are the cornerstones of my life now. FI says that for him, it started during those two weeks, although we didn't begin to actually date until 3 years later. Katrina gave me a family I didn't know I was missing and a sense of home that I had never felt before.

So it was a blessing...despite the hardship...and I'm thankful.
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Re: NWR - Katrina

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    I wish this were facebook so that I could like this. We were talking about Katrina last night and also classify things as pre and post Katrina. It was certainly a life changing "mother" but there was a lot of good that came from all of the disaster. I didn't meet my FI through it, but there is a sense of family and community that I think everyone in the state can identify with that wasn't her pre-Katrina.

    P.S. I had already moved to the Jackson area at the time, but my parents live about an hour north of the coast and my (at the time) newly wed-sister and brother-in-law live in Hattiesburg. It was a scary scary time />
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    Good for you for bringing this up!

    I moved to Hattiesburg for school just beore Katrina hit. Thankfully, I had to go to Jackson that Friday (before school started) to pick up my laptop from my Aunt's house. I probably would have been stuck in the Panhellenic dorms during the storm if I had stayed, YUCK.

    However, I'm glad that I was in MS when it happened, I feel like it made me belong here more since I was here when Katrina happened. I think talking about it really helps.

    Thanks again for bringing this up!
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