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Not Photogenic...Help!

Just got our engagement pictures back. I like what our photographer did...I just don't like the way I look. I am not photogenic, never have been.

What can I do so our wedding pictures look amazing?!?

Re: Not Photogenic...Help!

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    Here's an article you may want to take a look at:

    "If wine is getting in the way of your work, get rid of the work."
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  • I bet you are photogenic.

    I've been doing photography professionally for a decade and I'm here to tell you that people don't make photos, photographers do. Having said that - there are only two ways a person looks bad in a photo: 1) The photographer is a complete train wreck. (2) The subject (you) are either uptight, over posing or just plain camera shy.

    You said that you loved the work from your photographer - so odds are, it isn't reason number 1.

    You also said that you have NEVER been photogenic. Really? NEVER?? Nah.... I can't buy that.

    Talk with your photographer. He/she will listen with open ears - I assure you - because, as a rule, we want you to be ecstatic with your photos. So talk with them.

    Now, if I could offer my tips, try some of these:

    Relax and remember to breath. If you have in your mind that you aren't photogenic, you will naturally be tense. Let your photographer take a serious swing at it. After all, you didn't hire a pro for nothing. Meditation, prayer, a sip or two (but ONLY a sip or two) of wine before your shoot if you like. Whatever it takes for you to "find you center", go for it. Relax and let the beauty shine!!

    Sleep and hydration in the days before your photos. Can't stress this enough - it's vital!! Bags under the eyes? It's no joke - a little Preperation H under each eye the night before does work.

    Easy on the makeup. Use some but don't go nuts! Better yet... have a girlfriend who's a make up artist? Buy her dinner and ask her to do your work for you.

    Comfy clothes you feel like a million bucks in! That and accessories! A little confidence booster for sure.

    There are millions of these, but relaxing and confidence are ther two strongest ones - just roll with it and have fun!!

    Good luck and be beautiful!!!!Smile



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  • Hmmmm...
    Well, what are you finding to be "unflattering" about your photos?  Your photographer should be able to frame up a shot that can capture you at your best.  Plus, this will be your wedding day so Im sure you will be beautiful!  Im a photographer, and alot of my best phoos come from couples who are being natural and happy, even if there might be a hair out of place!  I actually thing super posed images look odd!  My advice is to just try to relax and not worry about it!  If you are thinking of a million things about your poses, you will tense up and look forced!

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    Interesting article, good tips!
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  • PeacefieldPeacefield member
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    When interviewing your photographer, this is something you should bring up.  Good quality professional photographers know how to pose so as take advantage of your best features while minimizing the others.
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    Is there anything I can suggest/ask my photographer to do?

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