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Unity Candle or Sand

Which one in your opinion is a better symbolization of unity?

Re: Unity Candle or Sand

  • jmp2004jmp2004 member
    They both have their pro's.  I prefer sand because I feel as though the candle is a bit dated.
  • I think the wedding ceremony itself is the ultimate expression of unity. We did neither candle nor sand, but we took communion together.
  • We are doing unity sand. I think it is appropiate for our outdoor wedding plus we will have a pretty sand design as a keepsake.
  • Not a big fan of either, honestly. 
  • I just think the vows and exchange or rings are 'unifying' enough ... although when I married my hubs oh-so-many years ao, we did the candle. EVERYONE did. LOL. I guess I just see it as 'filler' to try to make the ceremony longer or something.  Unnecesary in my opinion. But some folks really like it. 

    I DO like the sand for families that are blending, however, it it is done in a heartfel, meaningful way. 
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