Looking for Officiant AND a Church! HELP! I am not from Indiana, but am getting married there!

Hi there! I will be moving to Noblesville [from MI] to live with my fiance in June. We are getting married 10-09-10 either in Indy or out in Plainfield. 

I am looking for someone to marry us who is willing to get to know us and not just be some "random" person from a church...because that is the main problem:

I am not down there every weekend for us to get involved or become members of a church we both like or meet with someone from a specific church. I do not want to wait until June to find someone and then rush getting to know them. 

I would like to get in touch with someone who is willing to casually meet with us for dinner or lunch when I am down there visiting on a weekend or something. And continue to do so once I move down there. You know, more than just a one-time talk and then they would marry us. We are both Christian and would like to meet with someone or even like a "mentor couple" who could guide us in this journey, give us advice, become friends with, etc. 

On that note, I am also looking for a church that will allow us to get married there if we are not actual members. 

We would be looking for an officiant in the Noblesville/Fishers/Indy area and churches either in that same area or close Plainfield. 

ANY Help or recommendations would be AMAZING. I am hoping some of you may know of someone personally? A family member or friend who would understand our situation. Thanks sooo sooo sooo much!


Re: Looking for Officiant AND a Church! HELP! I am not from Indiana, but am getting married there!

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    Try Orchard Park Presbyterian Church in Carmel. I'm getting married there in April. The minister who is doing my wedding is Kevin Long. He's awesome. I believe he has done some weddings other places than the Church as well but he will definitely be able to help you out and is definietely the get to know you and your fiance type. His e-mail address is [email protected]

    The Church website is
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    My fiance and I are using a minister, Scott Toussaint.  443-0900.  He is wonderful about getting to know you and your fiancee.. He makes very intimate cermonies based on what he learns about you both.  As for a church, he would definitely be able to tell you if/where he has done ceremonies that would allow you to get married without being members.. We are having an outdoor wedding so sorry I can't be of more help than that!

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    Check with Calvary Temple Assembly of God.
    I am not sure if you have to be a member or not.
    The church is a little big so Im not sure if your wedding party is large or not.
    It is beautiful though.
    Its in Indy.
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    Hey! I'm from Anderson and getting married on 11-6-10. My church is Beautiful, and even has a reception area attached. My Pastor(Danny T St. Claire)  is a wonderful man who will most definatly  take the time to get to know you, and would also do the whole pre marital counseling thing if that was something you wanted to do closer to the wedding. The name of the church is First Pentecostal Church.
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    I'm in a reverse situation with moving! FI and I are both from Cicero (near Noblesville) and moving to MI this Saturday for a job.

    Anyway, Cicero Christian Church in Cicero, IN is a really nice church. I'm fairly certain that they allow non-members to get married there and the pastor would probably marry you. I'm not a member, but it's a newer/semi-younger church community, so they're worth checking out.

    Good Luck!
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    Well people sure are right in saying there are a ton of churches around here. I go to Noblesville First United Methodist Church, where my hubby is a youth minister, they allow non-member weddings. (317)773-2500, My sister recently checked out another church near me called Genesis, she said it is very welcoming and they seem to really encourage mentoring with their small group set-up. (317) 774-8627, And we're always looking for new married friends, so if you need anything else or just someone to show you around when you get here, let me know! [email protected] Good luck!  --Kendall
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    Im kinda in the same situation also. I want a bi beautful wedding and my church is so small

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    Look into Calvary Temple.
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    Thanks everyone - but shoot - we have moved our wedding location to Ft. Wayne and are now in the same situation - just a different town. Any help is still welcome. (My fiance is originally from FW)
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