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Indy Alterations

Good Morining Ladies,

I need to get my wedding dress altered and was wondering if anyone has worked with or knows anyone who has worked with Indy Alterations in Castleton? It was recommended that I use them by the Bridal Superstore by Posie Patch (PP) and have been seriously considering it since I got my dress and all my bridesmaid dresses from PP and it would be easier to transfer them back and forth since the 2 store are connected but I am on a budget and I dont want to get charged and arm and a leg.

Also, would anyone have any suggestions for other places to that reasonable in price?  My wedding is in May so I know I need to get a move on with this.

Thanks :D

Re: Indy Alterations

  • I went to a woman who lives in the boonies of Zionsville that was recommended to me on here.  It was a drive (think gravel road) but she did an amazing job on my wedding and reception dresses.  (Her house is west of Michigan Road off of
    32)  I paid a total of $150 for both.  My wedding dress she let out in the bust and bustled.  My other dress she had to take in.  I thought that was pretty reasonable.  If you want her info let me know.
  • Do either of you have contact info for Beth? Thanks for the post!
  • i agree...Beth sounds awesome..would you mind passing on her information>

    thanks :D
  • Please send me info too!!
  • I'd like the number too ladies! Thank you!!
  • Could I also have Beth's number? Please!
  • II have been trying to find contact info for this woman!  I've herad great things, but haven't been ably to find anyone with her number.  Could you please send it to me?! n Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_indiana-indianapolis_indy-alterations?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:611Discussion:53f138a5-fe38-4321-89c5-a16e032e97bcPost:c5906664-6cca-483a-9716-d067521429fd">Re: Indy Alterations</a>:
    [QUOTE]I used Beth Dickerson in Zionsville.  I think it's the same person Shannon used and she's fabulous!  I paid $180 to have a bustle put in, bodice/waist taken in and to have it steamed.
    Posted by ILoveMilkDuds[/QUOTE]
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