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Open toe or Closed toe? To be or Not to be?

Hello my beautiful brides!

I'm getting married in May in NY... My gown is very formal, what do you think will look better, a closed toe or peep toe?

Please help! What do you suggest?

Re: Open toe or Closed toe? To be or Not to be?

  • Can we see a pic of your gown?

    If it helps you any, I wore open toed heels. But I would go for comfort first, then style. Just my opinion.
  • NY in May is warm like June. I live in NY and it is warm then, if that makes any difference. I agree with PP it depends on your dress. I'm wearing peep toes.
  • I agree to go with what you are most comfortable with. I personally do not like peep toe shoes so I would never wear them. Not that I like closed toe much either :) I have sandals for my wedding but obviously mine is a lot less formal.

    Keep in mind that May in NY may be wet - so if you might have to walk outside a lot, closed toe would protect you a little more than peepers.

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  • Closed or open is cute. Do you have a pic?
  • I love sandals, and find they're more comfortable, but I'm a San Diego girl.  We're getting married in a formal Japanese Garden.  I ended up buying 2 pair of sandals - one that's the twin of a black pair and a brown pair I wear on a weekly basis - but in white - so I can walk and be comfortable for the entire day (without falling on my face) - and an adorable, fashion-forward pair for pics.

    Summary: get what you're comfortable in, and if you want another pair for cute pics (and it's in the budget) get that too.  :)
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