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What is your biggest fear related to your wedding?

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    Getting it all done on time on budget while staying sane is what I want to happen. The exact opposite of that is my fear at this moment.
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    My biggest fear about the wedding is being one of those who have vendors who are late or for some freak reason dont show up at all. I know it doesnt happen that often and im very confident the vendors I already have are amazing and ill have no problems with them but that has to be my biggest fear. A very close second is that I wont finish all my DIY projects on time.
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    The budget is always a fear of mine. It seems that everything keeps adding up, and sometimes it is hard to see that we will not overspend.

    Also-- having a vendor not show up would be tragic. I would be devastated.

    More or less-- I think that having a natural disaster, like a hurricane is a pretty big fear of mine. I had a friend that got married when a hurricane came through, and it destroyed the venue.
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    One of my biggest fears is staying within budget. Another thing is different sides of my family getting in an arguement.

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    My biggest fear is how the interaction between myself, my mom & my grandmother will go the day of.  My mom & I were estranged for a few years partly because she didn't like my FI, but now that she understands things are serious, she is coming around (that and a car accident that I could have died in). My grandmother lacks filtering skills which seem to be dissipating with time and in the past she's said things that I don't think "normal" people say to each other. I just hope she can help herself for one day and not say anything that will make me burst into tears and ruin my wedding day.
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