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Rhode Island

Airbrush Tanning

Hi Girls,

Can anyone recommend a place to get a really good natural looking air-brush tan? 

I tried going tanning but both times I nearly passed out in the booth.  I used to be able to tan w/out a problem, not sure what's going on with my body now. 


Re: Airbrush Tanning

  • Blue- Let us know how that works out.  I've heard the booth can be uneven sometimes.  I've heard that to have manually sprayed by someone is best, but who knows! :)
  • Not sure where you are from, but Extreme Tan in Westerly has the Mystic tan booth and apparantly it is awesome! I really want to try it soon. I think its around $25.
  • To be honest I'm scared about the booth.

    I just keep thinking about that episode of Friend's where Ross does it.  That will be me!!! LOL
  • In Response to Re: Airbrush Tanning:
    [QUOTE]To be honest I'm scared about the booth. I just keep thinking about that episode of Friend's where Ross does it.  That will be me!!! LOL
    Posted by caralinda1985[/QUOTE]

    OMG, I think of the same thing! lol   I don't tan even in tanning booths I just burn so spray tanning is my last option because i am soooo white lol. I will let eveyone know how it goes I made an appointment at a Tanning hut near me for next wensday. I'll even do before and after pics.
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  • Don't do the booth!!!

    To get a real nice Spray tan, you should have some one apply it by hand.  I go to and LOVE Salon Serenity's Custom Airbrush Tan (CAT) by Jess W...

    Oh and that's in Somerset, MA...

    I did it two days before the wedding (in April) and I had a perfect glow, not too tan, NOT ORANGEat all.  I was so thrilled with it!

    Good luck!
  • I used atwells tanning in providence. The lady was very nice and sprayed my whole body. it looked nice and natural.
  • jaz0822jaz0822 member
    Hi, I'm fair skinned and don't tan well, I've been afraid of spray tans too because of some bad stories... BUT i just tried Clarins "Delicious Self-Tanning Cream"  and I LOVE it!!!  it looks so natural and i don't have any streaks. I've tried so many bronzers and self tanners and this is by far the best! 
    I'm going to have my maid of honor help apply it to my chest and back the day before the wedding.  I've applied it before wearing white capris and it doesn't rub off and it only smells like self-tanner the first day you apply it.  it lasts a few days.  I highly recommend!!!
  • my mom got married down in the area a few years ago and used ultimate body bronzing in warren.  they did a fabulous job.

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