Any idea how we could create this wall of flowers

saw this wall of cascading flowers when I was searching for ideas for the "alter" area.  
we are getting married in a backyard and have a wall at the base of the yard which is nice expensive wood which is a part of the garden accent BUT to me it is a bit stark and I want something to cover it up or add something to it

thought about gosamer draping it and tieing it and things.....

then I saw this and was in love

But I can not affoard to do this with real flowers so I am wondering how would I di this fake?
or would fake just look taky and maybe I should look at something else?

Re: Any idea how we could create this wall of flowers

  • I"m assuming you are asking about the one on the left?

    I don't think it would look tacky if it were silk flowers. The white flowers that are cascading on the left look to be some type of white lilly.

    You could buy some inexpensive white lilly silk flowers anywhere.......because of how they are hung on the strings the quality of the inside is less important, it's more how they look from the outside that matters. I'd say if you want  one that big you'd want about 100 white lillies. The greenery portion appears to be simply some ivy garland, which you can also find in silks. You'd probably want about 8-10 ivy garlands. You can buy bunches of flowers at dollar stores, or if you want something nicer, check the craft stores like Michael's, Joann's or Hobby Lobby and use their coupons for 40% and go back often. Right now they are starting to put out their spring floral bushes and garlands.

    To make it I'd probably buy some clear fishing line type of thread, and sew through the white lillies with a needle, or string through the opening in the middle after taking off the plastic center piece of the silk flower that holds it to the stem. You'd need to tie knots , or maybe tie a large bead in the center of the flower to keep the white part at the place where you've put it.

    It won't matter how the base looks, where all the garlands are held together, ie the top of the picture you can't see, if you put it behind the wall. But if it's going to be seen, I'd probably use a long narrow window box type of container, with some styrofoam in it to push the garlands into.

    Hope that helps.
  • thanks.  I found some instructions on line

    I was thinking that it would be done also buy buying garlands.  I have seem some very cool ones.

    Also was thinking about doing it with fake orchids
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