Can't decide which venue

We're planning our April 2012 wedding and I can't decide which venue to hold it at. Our choices are Morgan Creek Country Club, Winchester Country Club, and Whitney Oaks. Alll are amazing. Winchester would probably mean cutting the guest list a little because of the price. But its my fiances favorite. Help! Any comments on any of these places?
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Re: Can't decide which venue

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    My suggestion would be to go with FI's second choice.  In hindsight if you have several locations that you love - you should select the one that will let you invite everyone you want to invite.  Because in the end, that's one of the most important parts is sharing it with the people you love. 
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    My cousin had a wedding at Whitney Oaks 4 months ago, and it was nothing but drama and poor planning. Not worth it!
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    Good to know...We had tours of Granite Bay Country club and Winchester Country club and we decided on Granite Bay. Its so pretty, they're having renovations that will be done in plenty of time and will really make the room and ceremony look upgraded.
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