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We are looking for a place in Chicago - Lincoln Park/Old Town area.  We don't want to spend a lot of money.  Ideally we would love to find a pizza place with a private room.  We will have about 40 people.  Any suggestions?

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    Check out Orsos in Old town. We are using them for our rehearsal dinner on September 3rd and will have around 35 people. They do pizza as well as other Italian food, and the prices are pretty reasonable. 
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    Oooh there are so many good restaurants in that area!! You'll just have to be careful as there is not a lot of parking over there! 

    Bricks pizza is cute and pretty cheap. I am not sure if they have a party room. 

    Also Marcello's has party rooms, and parking! 

    And it's not pizza, but Stanley's KItchen is fairly cheap, with great food, and a nice party room. 

    or Goose Island

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    I love Rocco's on Lincoln Ave. Great pizza, cute area.....A friend of mine is having her rehearsal dinner there, as well.
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    We had ours at DOC Wine Bar in Lincoln Park, it was great and they had amazing food. I also liked Adobo Grill, Wildfire, Cafe Babareeba, Club Lucky
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    If you want something casual and inexpensive (not pizza though), we are having ours at Nookies Too in Lincoln park.  It is a diner with great food.  It is also BYO!
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    WEll, I came to find out that one of the only Giordano's in the city with a private room is the location in Greek Town. I know its a little drive from Lincoln Park, but the price may be worth checking out if you are willing to drive there. ANyways, that's where I'm having ours at, and its a really nice one too. A great Chicago feel to it!!
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