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Anyone have any reviews on the fountains ballroom??  Anyone have their wedding there recently or know anyone who has and how their service was??  Thanks!!

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    I didn't have a good experience, but I didn't officially book with them. I scheduled a time to go look at the ballroom to see if I could afford and really liked the place. Attempting to schedule a time to go in was a nightmare, but I put that aside. When I arrived for my scheduled time, I walked in and stood there for a good 5 minutes and no one even looked in my direction. There were two people meeting with other clients in the main area and another person meeting with a client upstairs. Finally someone was on their way upstairs which meant she had to walk past me and I told her I was here for an appointment. She told me that many people had showed up that day without an appointment and that the person that was going to give me a tour was not there right now, but I could go outside and look around. This was during the summer and a pretty hot day, so my outside tour was pretty short as it was so hot. I came back in and finally was able to start my tour with someone. Truthfully I felt like I was an inconvience that day. I was led around the ballroom, given some details, and then led into one of the rooms where I waited for 10+ minutes for the person to come back with some additional materials.  He came back in with nothing, so I am not sure what took that long.

    Based on this, I decided to go somewhere else. It is a beautiful ballroom and the pictures I see on their website/facebook site are beautiful, but I couldn't get past the customer service or truthfully their cost. I know others have had better experiences.

    Just my opinion. If you decide to check them out, I hope you have a better tour.
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    We had our wedding there last October and loved it.  This was before they expanded staff and prices so I can't vouch for it now, but we didn't have any issues.  They make it really easy to get your flowers/decor/planning/food/etc in one place if you want as well.  I had heard a few complaints about customer service but we didn't have any trouble, they really worked with us to schedule meetings since we lived far away too.  I'd recommend it :) 
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    My Fiance and I are having our wedding there. I agree that they don't always have the best customer service. Although, we believe that they are good people. I have never had an experience like the above person mentioned but I have had little things happen that have erk'd me. For example, they sent me an invoice and left some things off of it that I had said that I wanted, added things but left the price blank, etc.

    I had to send a few emails back and forth to get them straightened out. They did give us a few things at a marked down price for that happening. They have always been extremely polite as well.

    They also just rearranged their designers. The above lady mentioned 'he' said.. and the first person that popped in my head was Dustin. Dustin is no longer with The Fountains. He isn't gone because of anything he was lacking. He was doing really well on his own apparently. They now have Maribeth, Tracey, and Jesse.

    It can be pricey but they will work with you. But what wedding isn't?! I mean, if you are looking at comparable venues, DJs, decorations, etc then it is actually priced well.

    You also get the venue from 11am to Midnight. So you can have your stylist come to The Foutains and do your hair there instead of rushing around before the wedding. You have all morning to relax and hang out in the bridal suite while the guys hand out and play pool in the grooms suite.

    Ok wow.. I just realized that I am rambling. If you have specific questions, let me know. I'd be happy to try to answer any that I can. :)

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