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I am new to this.  This is both of ours second marriage.  He did the courthouse and I had a church wedding.  We have been together for 7 years and last year decided to make it official.  We originally planned for the last Oct but we had challanges with the ex.  Now I have gotten the go head to plan, but I am so confused.  We are on a budget and watching every penny.  We are not from Austin but I found a chapel there that will give us the ceremony (in a church setting that he wants) as well as a reception of puch and cake.  Everyone will have to travel in order to come.  Should we stay close to home (Houston) or use the location I found (by the way the only thing we have to pay for there is the cake and punch everything else is free)?  Has anyone seen or been to Chapel Dulcinea?  If so how is it, is it worth us going 3hrs away?

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    I think that if you are only having a small reception, then you should keep it close to home, in order to save money. There should be churches in Houston that will allow you to do the same there.

    Is there a reason why you are choosing Austin? Maybe I am not seeing the whole picture.
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    Chapel Dulcinea is really pretty, but it is not actually a church. Perhaps you already know this, but your comment about it satisfying the church setting your husband wants made me think otherwise. It has a roof, but it is mostly open to the elements, so if it rains, people will get wet. It is also pretty small, I think it seats about 12, with everyone else standing up without cover. It is really lovely, but you won't have any backup if it rains, and it is pretty far out even for people living in Austin, so to make the drive from Houston is a bit much. I considered it for my wedding, but after driving out to it decided there was too much to worry about just to get it for free. And good thing to, because it rained on my wedding day and we would have had a fiasco if we had gone with Chapel Duclinea.
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    The Chapel is beautiful. A friend of ours was married there.  As prior posts mention though, you need to be aware of the limited seating and the lack of a rain plan.  It would be worth a trip on your part to see it for yourself though & that would probably help you make a better decision. Have you check out the posts on the Houston board? Maybe someone there knows of a free (or inexpensive) wedding site closer to home.  Good Luck!
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    Thank you for all the advise.  I have done my pro/con list on having it there or doing something close to home.  I think I have made a decision.  Once I speak with my fiance then I will know.  Thank you ladies, once again, for all your help.
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