College Town Wedding - Get Hotel Rooms NOW!

Just a heads up, though most of you have thought of this.  We're getting married in Lafayette where Purdue Univ. is located.  We're from Terre Haute and most of our guests will be needing hotels.  We started looking for rooms this week...and found NONE! There is a purdue football game the night before.  Luckily, my parents live 30 minutes away so we thought we'd just reserve rooms there.  Sigh...solved for us, good luck to any of you who might have the same problem.  

Re: College Town Wedding - Get Hotel Rooms NOW!

  • Not a bad heads up... we live in Valparaiso and we have VU and a Purdue campus as well. When we first moved here we needed a room but it was the week that VU started their classes so there were none. We got lucky and FI's work was able to arrange something but I couldn't imagine trying to arrange something for 150 people!
  • Hello! I am a wedding planner and I would love to assist you with anything if you are having problems. I live in the Indianapolis area so if you would like a session please email me at I also have a website
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