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Anybody around?

Please do not tell me we have to resort to visiting the BUMP now...come out you lurkers! What's everyone up to today?

Re: Anybody around?

  • I'm trying to catch up on the craziness around here from the last couple of days. 
  • It looks like a few of the threads disappeared, but it was nothing too spectacular. Nebb made some new friends. Sparent really did make new friends.
  • So I gather.  :)

    Was TK acting up again or did Anna have to delete some threads?
  • I dunno jcb, since you don't have a pic of yourself in your sig you could fit right in. Now all you need is 22 tickers.
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    [QUOTE]So I gather.  :) Was TK acting up again or did Anna have to delete some threads?
    Posted by Girlie1030[/QUOTE]

    No, pretty sure TK just got hungry again.

    ETA: Ok listen to jcb, I don't know what I'm talking about :)
    ETA2: someone from ML started a couple posts that aren't showing up anymore, that's what I was originally referring to.
  • Hey- I'm still here.  Today is such a bad day for me and I can't wait to go home.
  • I think maybe the original ML posts were reported, and that might be why they disappeared.

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  • See ya jcb. Why is it a bad day Brandi?
  • expiredbride is a whore and a half.

    Afternoon folks.  I have another hour of work and tonight we are grilling burgers, hopefully before any severe thunderstorms show up.
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    [QUOTE]See ya jcb. Why is it a bad day Brandi?
    Posted by NicoleSahara[/QUOTE]

    Drama with FI's aunt because he is leaving his cousins wedding reception early (and somehow I got the text messages about it?) and some crap happened at work -I, and 3 others, over looked a discrepancy in dollar amounts in a wire vs. loan documents so they have to be resigned plus someone signed documents today and dated them 6/26 on some parts and 6/12 on some parts?
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    [QUOTE]Lol Nic.  Those giant effing sigs/tickers are nuts. Girlie, expired bride apparently said some pretty mean things to Blue in the Sparent thread that Anna deleted ETA: but I don't know that whole threads were missing or deleted
    Posted by jcbsjr[/QUOTE]

    <div>I deleted nothing.  Haven't for days.  If a single post disappears it would be due to excessive clicking of the report button.</div><div>
    </div><div>TK Gods have been lurking on our board.  I assume they would delete anything they deem questionable.</div>
  • I have another hour of work too. Then home for some cereal for dinner and many episodes of Desperate Houswives. I might take the dog for a walk if it doesn't rain. 
  • AATB- burgers sound really good. I'll probably order some dominos since they have the 50% off all online orders going on.
  • Im gonna delete your mom
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  • Burgers! Good idea AATB. Quick and easy. Kind of like you ;)
  • Ah - hasn't she gotten her ass banned yet (expired)? 

  • BF made honey BBQ chicken and rice and gave some to me to take home, so that's what I'm eating for dinner.  And now I'm watching the episodes of Hell's Kitchen that I missed.  I've had enough of work for the day.

    "Smash's balls are the biggest balls of them all." -AATB

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    Haha Nicole.  Indeedy :)

    Promise me you guys will make these burgers sometime -

    For four burgers -
    Combine ground beef (like a pound or pound and a half) with tbl of salt and tbl of pepper with a few dashes of tabasco sauce.  Patty up that shiiit and grill it.

    Cut up a red onion into rings or half rings and carmelize them with some butter and brown sugar.

    Put the burger on a toasted bun, top with some blue cheese crumbles and the carmelized onions and maybe some of your favorite greens.  Put some spicy mayo on that shiiit.

    Spicy mayo - add a few dashes of tabasco and maybe some chili powder if your ass if fancy to your favorite mayo.

    YOU GUYS.  TO.  DIE.
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    When I was entering my calories into spark people this morning I decided on dinner and i havnt been able to think about anything since then but my soft boiled eggs and 12 grain toast. Eff i love soft boiled eggs.
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    I just woke up from a nap. It was awesome. I had burritos for lunch and that did me in. But they were delicious.

    I'm trying to gather books to sell back to my store. I guess I didn't realize just how many I have. H told me I either start today, or he's just going to randomly take things in to sell. I filled up two boxes already, but still have about six to go. I have a feeling it's going to take forever.

    We're having nachos tonight, and kabobs and corn on the cob tomorrow. I'm so excited!
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  • I don't like onions, but I'll make it for H sometime, I bet he'd love it.

  • Hotel California is a fucking TITS song. 
  • I always add in an egg and some Italian breadcrumbs into my burgers.  I typically put cheese in the center of the burger for FI.  He would love the tabasco though, so I'll have to do that for him.
  • Hi Nicole, lurker here :) 
  • Egg and breadcrumbs I usually do for meatballs but not burgers.

    You know what my grandpa puts in his burgers - karo syrup.  Apparently it gets a glaze on the burgers.  Sounds kinda nast to me.
  • Hi starry, describe yourself in 3 words.
  • Optimistic, strong, compassionate. 

    I guess I should add vain to that list, huh?
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    [QUOTE]Optimistic, strong, compassionate.  I guess I should add <strong>vain</strong> to that list, huh?
    Posted by starrynight84[/QUOTE]

    Nothing wrong with that.
  • I just barely stopped dating things 2011. 

    After watching J. Edgar I'm curious for people who eat eggs (like hard boiled) - do people still use those cute little egg cups? 
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    [QUOTE]Optimistic, strong, compassionate.  I guess I should add vain to that list, huh?
    Posted by starrynight84[/QUOTE]

    Not until you have a sig pic of yourself. Bonus vain points if it's you looking at yourself in the mirror.
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