Sending a wedding gift (money) to Canada

So my friend just got married this past weekend, and I am looking to mail her a card with a monetary gift. What's the best way to give her money? A US-check? An international money order (is this safe...aka can it be cashed by anyone if it gets lost in the mail?)? It's going to be a sizeable amount, so I don't want her to incur ridiculous fees, nor do I want anyone to be able to steal the gift (as they could if I sent cash).

Any ideas?
Thanks for the help everyone!

Re: Sending a wedding gift (money) to Canada

  • I regularly have this problem.  My bank accounts are in the US, I visit Canada frequently, changing cash money is not an option, etc, etc. LONG story.  It's a pain.  When I use my check card or write checks here (in Canada) my bank charges me an International transaction fee, which I'm guessing is what you're bank would do.  It's typically a percentage, but rarely is more than $1ish.  Sometimes it's like 10 cents.  I'm not sure how sizable your gift will be, be the fee shouldn't be that much. 

    On her end, her bank will likely charge her a conversion fee as well to convert the funds to Canadian dollars.  My guy just deposited a gift we got and they charged him a dollar.  It may be more as the amount goes up, but we only put in $25. 

    So, to answer your question, I'd just send her a check.  Guys mom wired us money once last year and we got charged like $20, so in the end it would have been easier to have a check.  You don't need to worry about writing CAD or USD or whatever on there, they'll figure it out.  And if you write "For deposit only" on the back of the check, you should be safe it it gets stolen.  Nowadays you need to show ID, so I wouldn't worry about someone stealing the money. 
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  • Send a money order, and pay the extra $1 to have a tracking number on the envelope.
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    I`m not sure, ask someone at the bank.
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  • Money orders in canada have to be made out to a specific person so it wouldn't be able to be cashed by anyone else, at least not to your loss.  Of course I don't know what it is like there.  I can also get a US draft here, so maybe you can get a Canadian draft there?  Couldn't hurt to ask anyway, that way if there are any conversion fees it'll be you paying them not her.  Just something to look into, and your bank may be the best to ask what your options are!  Any which way, I would definitely have tracking on the envelope though, it will make you feel more comfortable.
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