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October 2012 Weddings

I may be insane...anyone else in my boat?-kinda WR

I teach and plan to get a lot of wedding stuff done over the summer. But, as we get closer I got more and more nervous about our budget. And summer break can get long and a little boring.

So, I took a second job. It's nothing too taxing, just a checkout girl at the video store. But it's going to be about 20 hrs/wk during the summer and 15 hrs/wk during the school year. And yes, I plan to continue this through the school year.

So between wedding planning, showers/bach party, my full-time job, and now a part-time one I feel like I may be slightly insane. Or I may have snapped.

Is anyone else working two jobs or going to school/working at the same time? How do you handle it?

Re: I may be insane...anyone else in my boat?-kinda WR

  • I'm actually starting a second job tonight when I get out of my first job. We'll see how it goes.
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  • My FI took on a part time job on the weekends to make a little extra money for the wedding. I did a part time when we first moved in together so he offered this time. It's a lot for him I know, and I really appreciate him doing it. He does get free golf out of it though and he loves that! Lol.

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    I'm working full time and doing an intenseive master's program...I feel insane most days, so at least you are in good company.  :)  I'd also like to add that June 30th is the end of our fiscal year at work which brings some additional madness....
  • Well I'm glad I'm not alone...I'm dreading the hectic craziness, but i feel better knowing that you ladies do it!
  • I used to....I was working at my full time job, had a part time job and going to school part time, but I stopped working at my part time job and didn't sign up for any fall classes...if you can keep up with it, good for you! It was too much for me personally. 

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    I'm not doing it right now, but there was several years that I worked two jobs and also did some sewing work from home on top of that. I averaged 75-80 hrs a week working plus was a single mom. It wad incredibly hard, but needed to be done to survive. I just kept my eyes on the future and my faith and hope that life would eventually get easier. It has!!! Hang in there. Organization is key. Also when a few mins come to relax or have fun, take advantage and enjoy.
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  • I'm just working full time right now, but I couldn't imagine having a part time job on top of that or going to school.  I don't feel like I have enough time to get all the wedding stuff done that I need to as it is!  Good luck; I'm sure you'll get through it!

  • I am also a teacher, a well as a cellist, so I teach private students and perform in addition to my school job.
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  • Oh how I wish I was :P I could live with insanity, right now I'm jobless and mostly bored out of my skull :P

  • September to April/May I am a full time nursing student and work 30 hours a week. May-September I work 60 hour weeks and put in time at the hospital. It sucks and I am starting to get burnt out but it's only for 3 more months. Once the wedding is paid off I'll be able to cut back a few hours during the school year and wont work like a crazy person next summer.
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  • Although I wouldn't say its as involved as you are, I work about 35 hours a week and take a full load of classes.  I'm a little scared because I start the dental assisting program in the fall which is more than full time classes and I will still need to be working my normal hours at work as well. Its doable! Just stressful at times!

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    I'm finishing up my full-time grad program right now, buying a house, working full-time, AND planning the wedding.  Sometimes it's really difficult to balance everything, but make sure that determine what is priority.  Organizing yourself is going to be the best thing for you.

    I literally keep a calendar of each thing that needs to be done, and really stick to it. If not, and I have lapsed before, my heart starts racing at the thought of how much work I actually have to do - that is enough motivation to keep me accountable.

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