Anyone using Marshall Rental?

Marshall Rentals is trying to charge me over $600 for delivering a tent, tables, and chairs for 175 people.  They are in Kittery, we are getting married in Kennebunkport - is this outrageous?  Is anyone seeing a delivery charge that high?  Is anyone else finding them a huge pain to work with?

Re: Anyone using Marshall Rental?

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    Is the $600 just for the delivery or is that delivery plus the cost of the supplies? I'm looking into party plus rental out of Biddeford to deliver to Wells. I only need the tent though. That seems like an outrageously high price!
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    I don't know anything about rental prices, but Party Plus Maine has a lot of info about their prices on their website, so I'd check it out and cost compare.

    Definitely shop around if you're concerned about the price! If you find a cheaper price, you could get Marshall to match it.
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    We are using a tent company in Waterville "Are You Ready to Party" and they are delivering a 40x100' frame tent, chairs, tables, and dance floor with set up for $100. $600 for delivery seems a little much!
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