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Any TTC brides-- I have a question!!

So FI and I are going to look at TTC because I love the look of the room and building. 30 Pp seems good but the alcohol price is bugging me.... It starts at $7 a drink.. So how can you even know how to price things out if you don't know how much ur guests will drink... We will Be having 115 people... Any help is appreciated!!!

Re: Any TTC brides-- I have a question!!

  • mdphdmdphd member
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    haha just fyi, its Twentieth Century Club, so TCC

    I read TTC as Trying to Conceive, and was wondering why in the world a bride would want to do that.

    aaand I'm useless on TCC's new alcohol consumption thing.   But at Lemont, which had a consumption bar, they told me to budget $30/person for drinks.
  • eddiesgirl11eddiesgirl11 member
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    Sorry typo
  • pantherRNpantherRN member
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    In general, most places tell you to plan for two drinks for the first hour and then one for each hour after that. I don't know what TCC's range is on prices, but that might help you at least start to figure out at least how many drinks you might need.

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    I'm a TCC bride:) This is from Gayle:

    An estimate for an open bar, just for the cocktail hour, I'm certainly not sure but I would guess 1-2 drinks per person maybe.  We usually estimate 3 per person as a good average for the whole event because some will have no drinks or 1 and some will have 6, so 3 usually a good rule of thumb for the whole night.  For just a toast, probably 8-10 people per bottle. 

    Also, the meal price is based on the prices of each specific meal you choose times the number ordered, so you could potentially keep the cost down depending on your selections.

    Don't forget about the set up fee per person and any additional fees.

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    Hello! I popped in and saw this question. My wedding was at TCC in May. We had 100 people. Our alcohol and food came out right about $70/person. Which was what was quoted to us before the wedding. We had an open bar the entire time. HTH!
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  • ekm5043ekm5043 member
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    The TCC is a great venue! My sister had her reception there 4 years ago and my FI and I were also looking there as a possibility.

    We were also worried about the alcohol consumption because as two recent college graduates, we know our friends can drink.  Although the prices at the TCC are very reasonable, the alcohol bill will be up in the air until the end of the night.  Just keep that in mind.  When you get the bill at the end of the night, it could be a good surprise, what you expected, or a big shock.  My FI and I didn't want to take that chance because we felt there was a good chance our guests would drink more than 3 drinks each and coming in over budget would put a damper on the evening. 

    If you feel that your guests would not be heavy drinkers, I think the TCC is wonderful! It is so unique and will provide a great experience!

    Hope that helps and good luck!
  • eddiesgirl11eddiesgirl11 member
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    Hey girls, Thanks for all the responses( sorry for the typo I check the knot via my iPhone )! We toured TCC yesterday and really liked it but my family and friends can really drink so I think not knowing a fixed price would bother me. It would put a damper on my night . We haven't ruled it out completely but to be honest I think they would get alot more business if they had a fixed rate. Thanks for your comments!!
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